Your HUD preferences?

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Seeing as this game has a ton of HUD options, even on consoles, I was wondering how you've all been rolling.

Me, I turned off objective locators, item glow and the sneak icon. Additionally, I changed the health and mana bars to "contextual" since the only time I need to see 'em is when they're being impacted anyway. I'm also thinking about turning off the interaction prompts as I can remember doors are interactive and RB chokes people.

What I really love is the ability to change the reticule to a simple dot, and there's even an opacity slider on that which I quickly set to 50% (mostly transparent, but opaque enough to see on white surfaces). There's even sliders for aim assist and toggles for auto aim. Love it.

Playing on hard, lethal stealth playthrough.

What about you?

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I played through my first play through with them on because I forgot you could modify it.. But every time I play it since, just everything off

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I turned off the interaction prompts after the first level because I thought the icons were a bit too big. I left the aiming reticle alone just turned down opacity a little bit. I just love the fact that the options are THERE on consoles. I haven't seen that too often outside of PC games.

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