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Let me start off by saying; as soon as I heard about this game I wanted to buy it. Thank God I didn't. This game requires a lot of strategy and is not easily one of those games you can just pick up, and play. This is not really a bad thing until you throw a little more dirt into the mix. The controls are spot on, and the powers are amazing if not a little creepy. I just had a hard time figuring out the storyline (besides being framed for the murder of the one you are to protect.) and how your character really fits into it. The combat. The part of the game that I was most looking forward to. It is not "bad" per say, but there is a LOT wrong with it. I remember sneaking behind an NPC to do a stealth kill only to alert him while performing the action. When you successfully get the stealth kill the game acts like it's in a hurry to get through it, and doesn't marvel in any of it's beauty. You've heard of the stealth attack where you jump from a building just to stab your victim in the head from above? Better get used to dieing a lot. Once again (repeat) The stealth aspect in this game is broke. I like stealth games. Games that do them well at least, and I am afraid to say that in my opinion this is not one of them. Regular combat is exciting, and challenging; consisting of left attack, right attack, and block. Use these commands with a challenging, and fun game and you have a winner. Here is what REALLY (and I do mean REALLY) kills the game. The !@#$ing loading screens. Did you die? Loading screen. Go 20 feet in one direction? Loading screen. Watch a cut scene? Loading screen!! If I were an unfair judge I would've given this game maybe two stars just because of the loading screen crap, but looking aat the game as a whole it is pretty fun, but the fun will pass quickly after beating the game one time.

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Most of your complaints honestly sound like operator error and not the game's fault. Also, if you don't like the load times, play it on PC. I didn't have load at all.

Posted by a44Special

I would have to agree with wewantsthering, try installing it to your hard drive for faster reloading times. The openness of stealth or kill everything is a unique gameplay for a FPS.

Posted by needforswede

I don't get your main complaints. The stealth never felt broken, it never felt unfair or too easy to dispatch guards and other targets nonlethally, to me at least. And when I did get caught, as many have said, the abilities you're given make it easy (of course not too easy) to adapt, think on your toes and either escape with little to no damage, or just take everyone out in the immediate area.

But we could've been expecting two totally different types of games, or given the amount of variety in the gameplay, this could have made it seem more interesting to some and less to others. But like you I'm also glad I didn't purchase it without first renting. I feel like this would have been my dream game years ago (that's not to say it's at all dated, my preferences have just changed). When Deus Ex first came out I was one of its biggest supporters, and at the time it seemed like there was so much to it that it took nearly forever to complete.

90% of the time in Dishonored, I took the non-lethal approach, not just for guards but for the main targets as well, and it was mostly very satisfying, but I feel like if I didn't go the stealthy route, it would have cut the play time almost in half, when I felt the game was already on the short side even though I did the more roundabout approach. That's my biggest complaint personally...its brevity, and by the time it was over I hardly gave a damn about everything I'd accomplished. During the last mission, I just went straight up lethal, sparing no one. It's not that I got bored, it was just that I didn't feel like I'd play through it again using different tactics, so I just switched up at the end, and that was pretty damn fun. I felt like Hit-Girl unstoppable (which is funny considering I was saving Chloe Moretz essentially).

I played it on PS3, and the load times were very quick actually, and not very frequent at all. I'm not saying people should play it on PS3. Like others have said, PC is probably the way to go, I just don't play games on my PC. And Patrick did the Quick Look on the 360, where I didn't notice any loading issues...although it could have been the PC version and he just used the 360 controller, I don't really remember.

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