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Grand Potential Hindered By Brevity

There are plenty of fantastic things to be said about Dishonored, most have already been documented on this site. For the most part I agree that this game is one of the finer new IPs to grace the market as of late, but it is not without its faults.

The ideas before the game play mechanics in this game certainly give the player enough to fool around with and really make every play through a different experience. Whether you want to kill everyone in your path or play it like some sort of First-Person Splinter Cell or Assassins Creed, each action you take in this game feels.. right. Hard to really put that into words unless you try it yourself really. Nothing can be more satisfying than pulling on a well timed running jump into a blink (sort of a quick teleport jump) and finally into either an assassination or a simple choke hold.

The game is about choices, primarily. Some are simply as KILL OR DO NOT KILL and others can be more complicated. I'm sure you've all seen the videos of the player possessing a fish to break into a building by swimming through the grates. Things like that come fairly often and never really get old. Although the possession mechanic can make the game very easy; possess guard, walk him away from crowd, eliminate, repeat. But this is really all up to you, the amount of enjoyment from this game comes mostly as just how you play it. Have fun with it, don't rush it. Try something new, dare to make mistakes and learn from it.

Some minor flaws can come from just frame-rate issues, strange physics, and pretty much all issues that any game can suffer from. My one major complaint about this game is its length though. Its.. fairly short. Not Darkness 2 short but this game ends much sooner than I hoped it would've. A few more missions or 2 more hours would've been perfect. The game of course does make up for this, slightly, by giving a lot of re-playability and creativity of how to execute each mission.

The story is fairly simple, length leaves much to be desired, but the game itself makes this worth a play. Even if its a renter, if you borrow it from a friend, or purchase later.

If you do buy it later, don't buy it used. Lets give the creators of this game some money, maybe the sales might inspire more developers to make games like this in the future.

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