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I had high hopes for the Quicklook of Castle Of Illusion, because positive Quicklooks can sell units and I want this game to do well. I already made a post about my gushing review, and I saw another guy had positive things to say about it as well.

I just wanted to comment that, in the quicklook, Brad had to DUCK under the boxing glove. Watching him continually try to jump over it was like watching someone convinced they had to jump over the flagpole in mario, and not move on until they did it. I was afraid that maybe he had just never done the ducking motion before, but then he did it numerous times on the first two levels. he just didn't think to do it, and Jeff hadn't played enough of it to know it was possible.

In the end, I entreat you to give this game a shot if it looked at all interesting to you. I want to see more games like this and possibly more games in the series. yes, the jumping is floaty, but it was floaty in the original as well. As far as it being laggy, as they went to great lengths to show, it simply is never intended to be used the way they were trying to use it. My girlfriend who rarely ever plays games was able to handle the jumping, so one would think anyone with any game experience would be fine with it.

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Brad stinking up gameplay in a quick look? That never happens. Oh, wait:

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I get bummed when cool smaller games don't come across well, but alas... what happened happened and couldn't have happened any other way.

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Informing users to give games that may appear to have been dismissed by the staff a chance is fine. However, creating a thread that primarily is about why one staff member played a game wrong or poorly is not the sort of discussion we want to encourage on the site. As a result I'm locking this thread.


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