Epic Mickey, conceptualised in 2002 by Sean Famous Vanaman

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I watched the trailer for Epic Mickey today, and it reminded me that there was a really cool episode of The Idle Thumbs Podcast a long time ago where Sean Famous Vanaman talked about his time at Disney. It's not really a hugely known story; it's about how Epic Mickey happened, over many years, and how the resurgance of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit is kind-of down to a bunch of 20-year-old interns.

Sean Vanaman and Jake Videogames Rodkin in this podcast are both working on The Walking Dead right now, and Chris Boost Remo is at Double Fine. I clipped out the story here:

The image glitches out after a few seconds cos I suck, maybe I'll fix it later :/

Anyway: Really neat story. Thought I'd share it.

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