Darken the Sails Quest

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Trying to complete this quest and I can't find the Black Hull (rear piece of the ship). Anyone know where it is at?

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It is in Panyano Bay. Near the place where you first find Tia Dalma there is a cave that can only be accessed with the pirate bomb. It is in the back of the cave.

Do you remember where you found the sails? That is the only one I am missing.

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Same here, just the sails to go, been looking for a week now

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@thewolf13: @fateorfear: Hey guys, just found the Black Sails. Head to Fort St. Grande, the area where you had to disguise your ship as a part of the Royal Navy to enter. After you disembark, follow the main street through the town and then across the large stone bridge to the right.

To the left, you'll see a red capsule in a high window. Go to the left of this window and follow the beach all the way to a rope you can climb up. After you climb the rope, walk across the wooden walkway here and you'll see a bomb door on the left. Drop down, blow up the door and grab your sails! Hope this helps!

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Sorry I didn't get back sooner, but yes the black sails at at the fort. There is an island I go to where there is a cave, with two torches near the entrance, then a gate. Behind the gate is a red capsule, along with a fire pile. My only problem is...I can't open the gate. I've shot it, thrown bombs at it, ran into it, used different characters. I just can't get the thing to open.

I've even shot at it from the ship with the ship's cannons.

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@thewolf13: This is the gate I can't get to open...

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@elko84: I may be wrong, but I believe you open this up by shooting at it. I went back to check it out and it was already open. If you haven't already, try quitting to the XMB/Dashboard and reload the game, then check the gate again. Also, try killing all of the nearby enemies. I'm not entirely sure what opened this door, but there's no switch on the island, so you may be bugged out.

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Tia will eventually give you the quest that will open up that cage.

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@lockeyness: I've done everything to this gate that I can think of. I've even reloaded the game. I hope it's not bugged.

@bskcase: Do you know when Tia gives you the quest? I've completed the story already.

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Well I finally got that gate open. I had to revisit Tia for more quests that weren't in the mission log. However, that capsule did not contain the Black Rear Hull I'm looking for. Does anyone know where it is?

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As @thewolf13 said, the Black Sails Hull can be found in Pantano Bayou, where you first met Tia Dalma. You enter the Bayou by sailing your ship down the river just to the right of the Demon's Cape as shown in the picture below.

Once you've docked your pirate ship, hop in the dinghy and make your way to the dinghy dock where Tia's shack is. The cave you're looking for is above and to the left of the metal gate that used to block your way to the next area as shown below (Sorry, I had already blasted the debris from the cave but it's where that left torch is).

- From the dinghy dock, head left and use the wall jump next to the blue capsule.
- Cross the bridge on the left to the other side of the river.
- Once you've crossed, go to the right and take the rope to the stone brick structure in the middle of the river.
- Proceed over the stone brick structure and cross using the second rope and you will be right in front of the bomb gate.
- Bombs away and head into the back to your prize to finish Darken The Sails. =)

Hope this helped!

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Thank you! I guess I misread what @thewolf13 was saying. I thought he meant one of the small islands you can dock at. I kept checking those. Finally completed the quest. Thanks everyone!

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No worries, I was having trouble finding it myself, Google found this post and I had just gotten done checking all the islands so I went to check the Bayou itself and BAM! PROFIT! XD Didn't have an account before but said, what they heck, I'll pay it forward and elaborate on the location. Glad I could help! :D

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Help guys...my son and I are trying to finish this quest. We have the rear, middle, and front hull pieces. We even have the sails. What are we missing and where do we find it?

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You are missing the Theme Pack. I don't recall where I found that at.

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where can you find the black front hull??

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