Does levelling up even do anything?

#1 Posted by Jumbs (299 posts) -

Or is it just to get more spins? :(

#2 Posted by Thoseposers (851 posts) -

As someone whose starter kit is still in the mail and has only seen things about the game online i believe the answer is yes.

#3 Edited by elko84 (1236 posts) -

So far leveling up is only giving me more spins. Only other affect I've noticed is that it will give you a different statue in the Hall of Heroes, as each hero can have a bronze, silver or gold statue.

#4 Posted by Birdman_LIVE (20 posts) -

Yes it does. Figures get higher hit points & take more damage. This is not reflected in any point system you can see. They will also unlock abilities as you use them. For example Dash from the invincibles doesn't have his trademark fast run until you level him up.

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