Good Morning America falsely reporting on the game

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So Disney probably spent huge money on getting a spot in the middle of Times Square NYC along with with the big monitors/billboards to promote Disney Infinite. Mainstream television continue to show how little they know about video games.

Okay, I know this has nothing to do with the oh-so-lovable Johnny V, or maybe even Disney, but Good Morning America's misinformed hosts are really really making Disney Infinity sound like something it is entirely not (a fucking Kinect game). The screens set up aren't helping inform anyone what the game is either, probably the marketing team at Disney just decided to play along anyways. But gawddamn. I think it really looks bad on them.

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1. I would LOOOOOVE if the game would ship with that gigantic portal

2. Yeah just get Johnny V to do all the promotional stuff

3. Air-eye-al? I've never heard anyone pronounce "Ariel"

4. (I may be wrong here) I thought this was coming out to Wii U and not the Wii? (The video states Wii)

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One thing I learned from the past of watching morning news is that they don't give a FUCK!

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I'd buy a figure set with George Stephanopoulos in it.

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I don't think they spent a huge amount of money on that since Disney pretty much owns Times Square and Good Morning America is on ABC which is also owned my Disney.

But yeah, they didn't do a very good job of showing what the game actually is. People are going to think that they can also put themselves into the game.

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@themangalist: consider for a moment, this is how bad major news outlets report on everything. They get it all wrong. They over-simply. They misrepresent to punch up the viewer's interest. It's just something you are familiar with so you notice it this time.

sure it's just a morning show. sure, not real news I guess. I just wonder where that line between real news and entertainment-news is. I don't see it anymore.

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Lets be sure that our little niche part of the Internet makes an impact elsewhere. We're all smart savvy folks. Lets sift through all the bullshit and get to the point for everyone else. The world changes because we are changing it!

Gamers are not ignored, we drive an industry.

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This reminds me of when a little kid walks up to an arcade cabinet displaying its attract mode and slams his fist on the start button over and over while screaming "MOMMY I PLAY MARIO"!

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This is a TV network owned by Disney reading direct copy right from Disney.

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4. (I may be wrong here) I thought this was coming out to Wii U and not the Wii? (The video states Wii)

It's on both.

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1. OP, ABC is owned by Disney. They ain't paying a dime for this advertising.

2. Given that it IS a Disney-owned channel, you would THINK they'd brief these people or something to not fuck this up. HOLY SHIT, this is bad.



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