How deep will you fall into the rabbit hole?

Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) 1 year, 10 months ago

Poll: How deep will you fall into the rabbit hole? (49 votes)

I'm going all the way and buying everything that comes out. 24%
I'm just buying the starter kit and that's it. 4%
I'll buy all the new playsets, but not all the characters. 6%
Not at all, I'm not interested. 33%
I'll buy whatever I want depending on what properties come out. 20%
(See Results) 12%

So I know some of you guys were dangerously into the whole Skylanders craze so I'm curious to see how far some of you guys will be going with Disney Infinity.

I wasn't really into Skylanders (I just got the starter set) but Infinity looks a lot more interesting to me so we'll see what happens.

#1 Posted by Metron4 (15 posts) -

Add: "I buy everything twice. I am also insane."

#2 Posted by Barrock (3773 posts) -

I'm in DEEP with my girlfriend. Currently only need the Incredible's siblings, 'Mater, and the other Cars vehicle.

They are releasing a Girl Power pack so I won't need to pick up Violet as a single.

#3 Edited by SMTDante89 (2750 posts) -

I got the Starter Pack as a birthday gift. Other than that, I've only bought the Lone Ranger and the Cars Playsets, plus three power disc packs (no duplicates yet!) I'll likely be picking up both the Woody and Jack Skellington figures next week when they release, and someone said they'll get me a three character pack as a late birthday gift, so... I'll likely pick up quite a few before all of this is over. Especially since I like quite a few of the franchises being shown for the second wave of characters.

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