Skylanders still a better game for small children

#1 Posted by asantosbr (138 posts) -

I yesterday went with my 6 years old daughter and we bought Infinity and a couple of extra packs (Cars and Sidekicks).

The game seems fine, but my daughter still prefer Skylanders, and she is a big Disney fan.

Today she ask me to play video game with her again, but she asked to play Skylanders, because she liked it more. I am on the same note, Infinity has that level creation tool, but if you really just looking for a casual coop campain gameplay, Skylanders still a better option.

#2 Posted by Andorski (5365 posts) -

You should interrogate your daughter and ask why she hates Johnny Vignocchi!

... but seriously, do you think the reason why she preferred Skylanders was because Infinity is too complicated with all its features and modes while Skylanders offered a simpler game that was much easier to understand?

#3 Posted by asantosbr (138 posts) -

I believe that was the reason, I think the Infinity mechanics are too complicated for her age, perhaps it would appear to some older kids, like from 8 or 10. or perhaps it is just her preferences.

She has a colleague around her age, just a bit older, and she loves creating stuff on Little Big Planet, actually that is the only thing she plays on her PS3. I am sure Infinity would appeal much more to her.

And to me to play with my daughter I also think Skylanders is better because we have access to the full story campaign without having to buy the actually extra Play Sets.

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