Super Excited for the game coming in 2 weeks!

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There is something about this game that has had me hyped up for it more then any game in the past few years. I think it's a mix of the property, and the toy box. The core games are not to bad at all from the small bit I got to play of them. And will for sure get enjoyment out of them.

Was so excited to just see the game at SD Comic Con when found out it would be there.

Hell I was lucky and got to meet Johnny V! And the creators of Phineas and Ferb. I got one of five working Phineas figs! Made the trip to SD all more then worth it!

So yeah. Excited is a word that i could over use.

Already thinking of cool things I could do in the Toy Box. And in 2 weeks I will be playing/making this game a ton. Maybe more then any game I have gotten since...Skyrim maybe. Anyone going to be getting it for the Wii U?

I can't think many will. But that's what I got it on due to not wanting to pay for Live for one game. That and...if I ever really want to all the "DLC" for this game will just transfer over to another system!

As will the created worlds. Will be able to go cross system. That's new.

Are you planing on getting it? Waiting for reviews? Or diving head in. (Me..hope that dont bite me in the butt) Or is this something that just does not strike you as a game you would enjoy?

If you are getting it on the Wii U let me know. :D

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