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Anyone have any luck getting a tron recognizer to spawn in the toy box yet? I keep hitting shuffle but the god damn thing never pops up. I need that thing! Also I have not really looked yet (There is a lot of stuff In There) anyone know if there is a tron light cycle?

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Been trying to get either the Haunted Mansion or Epcot Center forever. I saved up nine spins and still didn't get either one. I just keep shuffling until there are at least three things I really want. As long as you don't reshuffle your chances get better as other hits are removed from the board.

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I believe there are either spin bugs that don't allow access to some gear OR there is some unmentioned spin leveling system they don't tell you about. While I had no issues with Epcot the Recognizer would NEVER Spawn. I had used the spin bug so I had A LOT OF STUFF but no matter how many spins and shuffles I did, no recognizer. Two things I did to get it in rotation. One I spun for a bunch of stuff I didn't want in hopes of forcing the game to give me access to the stuff that wasn't showing up. Not a good solution. The OTHER potential fix was to play through all the Mastery Adventures before you spin again. After I finished all the Mastery Adventures.the Recognizer literally appeared in my next spin. Hope that helps. And I do recommend doing the spin bug since you can play for hours and not level up. At least the way I play with my kid we weren't getting hardly any spins after a characters level 4.

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