E3 2011: Disney Universe Trailer

Posted by Undeadpool (5059 posts) -
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#1 Edited by Squidtech (9 posts) -

Seems party game ish?

#2 Posted by SpicyRichter (573 posts) -

Friggin weird looking. They just want to sell more avatar costumes

#3 Posted by Crono (2704 posts) -

Suit up.

#4 Posted by endaround (2150 posts) -

So Costume Quest has spawned a genre?

#5 Posted by SkinnyBlue (320 posts) -


#6 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -

I'll play it. 
Looks twenty times better than Disney FIST BUMP Adventures...

#7 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2411 posts) -

It looks like Disney took Kingdom Hearts but switched the final fantasy part with genderless avatars. And then threw in kirby hats for good measure.

#8 Posted by North6 (352 posts) -

thats a pretty sweet looking little big planet level.

#9 Posted by edeo (296 posts) -

What is this? Wanna be Sackboys in a wanna be Mario Party?

#10 Posted by amomjc (977 posts) -

Might be a nice game to play with my Daughter.

#11 Posted by washablemarkers (91 posts) -

Man, I wonder what messed up rights issues exist where they can use the instrumental track of a High School Musical song but none of the actual lyrics. Hm.

#12 Posted by Romination (2777 posts) -

Are they saying Suda? So this is a new Suda 51 joint then.

#13 Posted by MeatSim (10986 posts) -

Security at the Monsters Inc. power plant continues to be awful.

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