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Aladdin must defend Agrabah against Jafar's twin sister Nasira who tries to extract her revenge on Aladdin and bring Jafar back from the netherworld. Nasira kidnaps Jasmine and her father and forces Aladdin to collect ancient relics that she believes would assit her quest of bringing Jafar back from the netherworld. Unknowingly Aladdin ventures This story most likely takes place after the events of "The Return of Jafar", when Jafar died, but it is unclear if this before or after "Aladdin and the King of Thieves". The presence of Iago the parrot suggests this would take place before "Aladdin and the King of Thieves".


Jafar's twin sister, Nasira, hypnotises the palace guards and kidnaps Jasmin and her father. Posted throughout Agrabah are wanted posters with Aladdin on them and the guards are hunting Aladdin down. With the help of Abu and Genie, Aladdin makes it to the palace where many of Nasira's enchanted guards are waiting. Aladdin make's it to the thrown room and to confront Nasira but is thrown in the dungeon. At this point, the player takes control of Abu and sets off to rescue Aladdin. After Aladdin is rescued, he is convinced to seek out the Cave of Wonders by a Mystic and sets off to find the two halfs of the Scarab key in the Oasis. In the Cave of Wonders Aladdin and Abu make their way to rescue the Genie using the magic carpet to escape. Before he can gain access to the Ancient City, Aladdin must first obtain the "book of the dead" from the ancient pyramids and save princess Jasmine. After being rescued, the player takes control of princess Jasmine as she returns to her palace to find a map that Aladdin must use to find the Ancient City. Unfortunately the palace is filled with Nasira's henchmen so Jasmine must sneak through her palace by using a pot to hide in. Jasmine retreives the map and Aladdin heads off to the Ancient City and discovers Nasira's lair, a volcano, where Nasira is finally about to bring Jafar back. Aladdin fights a nearly resurrected Jafar and Nasira and defeats them to return Agrabah to normal. Aladdin and friends are seen in the palace, the Genie congratulates Aladdin, and the sultan thanks Aladdin for saving his kingdom. Jasmine congratulates Aladdin with a kiss as the screen fades to black.


Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge is a platformer where players take control of Aladdin, Abu, and Jasmine. Aladdin has the abilities to jump, sword fight, throw apples, swing on ropes, and slide down cables. Abu controls differently in that he can not defend himself, but he is able to jump off walls. Jasmines only ability is to hide under a pot.

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