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Kim Possible's first GBA adventure was surprisingly good. The graphics captured the style of the show surprisingly well for the small screen, and the combat was more complex that your average side scroller. The sound effects of the game, such as the tune for the Kimunicator, were taken straight from the show.  
The gameplay was primarily centered around Kim's jumping mechanic. By pressing the shoulder button, Kim rolled into a cartwheel allowing her to flip higher. A player could chain the mechanic into a second jump to reach hidden areas of the game.  
Kim could also acquire gadgets reminiscent from the show. A lipstick weapon allowed Kim to fire lasers across the screen. A powder compact allowed Kim to throw bombs to destroy enemies.  When out of weapons, a leap kick, crouch kick combo was highly effective in dispatching opponents. 
Beating levels allowed the player to view heavily compressed clips from the television show.  The game lacked a battery to let players save their progress, and instead players had to memorize passwords - similar to the save systems of the NES era. 

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