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In Disruptor, players take control of Psionics equipped LightStormer Corps officer, Jack Curtis ( Don Jeffcoat) as he battles across 13 levels, fighting over 20 different enemy types. Curtis uses pistols, cannons, rifles and an ultra powerful plasma lance to fight various gangs of extraterrestrials


  • Mission 1: The Gauntlet
  • Mission 2: Chemical Factory
  • Mission 3: Rooftop Terrorist Elimination
  • Mission 4: Jupiter Station Destruction
  • Mission 5: Terraformer on Triton
  • Mission 6: Alien Ruins on Mars
  • Mission 7: Bio-warfare Lab in Antarctica
  • Mission 8: Sulphurine Mines of Io


Weapons of the LightStormer

  • 18mm Pistol
  • 18mm Automatic
  • Phase Rifle

Additional Weapons

  • AM Blaster
  • Lock-On Cannon
  • AM Cyclone
  • Phase Repeater

Unauthorized Weapons

  • Plasma Lance
  • Zodiac


  • Shock
  • Drain
  • Heal
  • Shield
  • Blast
  • Terablast

Cheat Codes

Press the SELECT button enter the code then press it again to return to gameplay.


O, O, Square, O, Triangle, X, X, O

Full Life:

L1, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, O, Square, O, Triangle

Full Psionics:

Triangle, X, X, O, X, Triangle, Square, Square

Full Ammo:

L1, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, O, Triangle, X


Created by Insomniac Games

Artwork and Game Design: Ted Price and Craig Stitt

Programming and Game Design: Alex Hastings and Brian Hastings

Artwork: David Ehlers, Travis Price and Martin Bruinsma

In Association with Universal Interactive Inc.

Executive Producer: Mark Cerny

Producer: Michael John

Production Design: Catherine Hardwicke

Conceptual Design: Stephen Alesch and Luis Hoyos

Music: David Bergeaud

Sound Effects by Universal Sound Editing: Ron Horwitz, Kevin Spears and Rich Cusano

In-Game Voice: Tami Heide

Quality Assurance Manager: Craig Perkins

Quality Assurance: Micheal Alphonzo, Joe Labbe II and Steve Rosenthal

Additional Programming: John Brooks

Additional Artwork: Mark Glaser, Dallas Good and Kieron Lo

Addtional Character Design: Brandon Humphries, Barry Pringle and Willis Wong

Special Thanks to: Rob Biniaz, Kelly Flaherty, Naughty Dog Inc., Nick Earl, Roxanne Lippel, Donna Smith and Don Zepfel

FMV Credits

Don Jeffcoat as Jack Curtis

Vaughn Armstrong as President Krieger

Christine Champion as Eve

Anthony Palermo as Blake Curtis

Trae Thomas as Troy Alexander

MCA Television Entertainment: Barbara Fisher, Randy Levinson and Angela Mancuso

Producer: Michael Joyce

Director: Adam Weissman

Associate Producer: Judy Marlin

Screenplay: Peter Hankoff

Story Consultation: Carl Cramer and Ken Selden

Director of Photography: Kenneth Stipe

Production Designer: Curtis Schnell

Editor: Terry Stokes

CGI Effects: Foundation Imaging

Property Master: Brad Brietbarth

Gaffer: Bill Marley

Key Grip: David Winner

Re-Recording Mixer: Peter Reale


  • Famed director of films Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown and Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke, acted as production assistant for the FMV sequences.

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