What characters would you like to see in this?

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I got so happy when I read that Lightning is going to be in Dissidia Duodecim, and it got me thinking about who else I would like to see make their way into Dissidia. Who would make a good Dissidia fighter? 
Also, who would be the playable villain from FFXIII? It can't be Galenth or Orphan, so maybe...Cid Raines?

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I still want them to bring in the Tactics cast.  Ramza vs. Delita/Weigraf/Ajora/Dycedarg/Zalbag?  Meliadoul vs. Vormav?  All kinds of crazy things they could do with that.  Also, it seems Tactics needs more character pages.

Edit: As far as the main series goes, though, I guess Auron would work.  Tifa would be interesting for some bare-handed fighting action, and I'd have to be insane to say I didn't want Vivi and the Black Waltzes in the game, but that's as much a Pipe dream as Tactics being included.

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Cid. All Cid's.

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@SlashseveN303 said:
" Cid. All Cid's. "
Hot Cid on Cid action!
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Cid would be a great addition, but I'd like to see some more characters from FFVI make it in. Sabin was built a fighter and his brother Edgar would make his repertoire of tools a nice way to dispatch foes. Imagine auto-crossbowing dudes and then finishing them off with a chainsaw to the groin. Or just take Sabin and do his assortment of Blitz combos. Sabin > Zell, bottom line.

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@SlashseveN303 said:
" Cid. All Cid's. "
Biggs and Wedge, too.
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think of all the combos he could have with his chocobo

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Moogles; just imagine their intensity! :O

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Chrono, Sora and a Black mage.

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it would be cool to see some of the characters for Final Fantasy Tactics

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i would have to say Red XIII, Vincent, Fraya, Zack, Sifer, and y not Kalmary alone with Auron 
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@RaccoonusDoodus: Well of course for FFXIII it'll be Barthadelus. If it isn't, I don't know who.
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Barrett, Cid Highwind, Red XIII, Setzer, Locke, Shadow, Edgar, Sabin, Cecil, Kain, Golbez, and that is all I can think of.

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@mspainhour:  But...how could you play as Barthandelus? I mean, he doesn't move when you fight him, he just kinda...I don't know, keeps attacking. I don't think it would work in Dissidia...
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I'd prefer to see Rydia, Tifa, and Seifer.
Also, Ultros must be in this game as a boss fight.  I DEMAND IT!!!
As for an FFXIII villain, Cid would be the most "playable" choice, I guess.  Barthandelus and Orphan are both too crazy in their true forms to be playable, and Barthandelus as Dysley wouldn't be as interesting.

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They should have included Vanille and Hope from FFXIII

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