My First Impressions!

#1 Posted by crush3x5 (54 posts) -

Hey guys I installed this yesterday and although it is free to play, I would figure since there is no topics I could kick it off with my opinion on the game.

Despite being FTP this game has some cool customizable features. You can collect money from online matches and use them to purchase anything from guns, to attachments, to new characters, and even temporary experience bonus. In terms of gameplay, this game feels a lot like counter-strike to me. I have been using a sniper loadout since I installed the game and it felt like I was AWPing lol. I've played 3 maps and they are a little bit small however not crowded. All in all if you like counter-strike type games check this game out b/c it definitely has similarities and it is free to play so you cannot really go on. For more information and gameplay footage feel free to check out this video however do not feel obligated at all, if you like CS install the thing. The video basically just reinforces what I have said above. In conclusion I am enjoying it so far and I am exciting to get more gold to progress and try out different guns and attachments. Although it is groundbreaking it is still fun:)

Feel free to share your thoughts on the game if you have played it already!

#2 Posted by Pootpoot (27 posts) -

Yeah, it's VERY CS-ey. The TDM maps are also incredibly small. I think its a completely satisfactory FTPFPS, but it is extremely generic and simple. I play it because it's the only online FPS my laptop seems to be able to handle :-/

#3 Posted by crush3x5 (54 posts) -

@Pootpoot: Ya that was the way I looked at it. Nothing special but fun if you like CS and it is FTP so why not give it a try.

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