Anyone else win a Divekick code during E3?

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I did and I was told it would be around 8/13, so naturally my eyes are glued on my email so much that it's possibly doing harm to my psychological health. Am I the only one anticipating this code in a unhealthy way?

Ugh what do I do to pass the time?!?!?!

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I won a code during the Evo stream and I got a code from Dave Lang earlier on but it didn't work but he sent me a new one after contacting him. You should get yours soon too then.

#3 Posted by WickedSickDanceAttack (37 posts) -

I just got mine, and im currently #1 on the leaderboards! lol

#4 Posted by mrcraggle (2023 posts) -

@wickedsickdanceattack: Nice. I was playing earlier and couldn't even get a game going. I was hoping a few more people would have codes :P I will have to see about getting some friends together.

#5 Edited by Karsh (164 posts) -

I got a code. Streamed some local matches for a while, some of which were played on DK bongos. They work PERFECTLY.

#6 Posted by WickedSickDanceAttack (37 posts) -

@karsh: That is amazing. Now pull an S-Kill and hit those bongos cross handed

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