Divekick just got Greenlit

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Great news! Hope they can get that version out soon, will probably be buying it there.

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About fucking time. Now I don't have to buy a PS3 or Vita!

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Can I get a fuck yeah?

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Deadly premonition got green lit!! , i will probably get divekick sometime on psn

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(I'll probably still buy it on PSN but this is great news)

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About fucking time

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Hell yeah!

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time to upgrade my graphics card i guess.

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Awesome! The system works, sometimes!

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I'll take it! And then again on the PS4!

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Some of that other stuff that got greenlit is or looks pretty cool too.

Shelter, a Hat in Time, Chasm etc.

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Whoo! now to figure if people will actually play the pc version online or if most people will just migrate to the ps3 one.

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If it had just been as good as Dragon's Lair, this wouldn't have taken so long.

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Happy that it finally got Greenlit. Going to wait and get it for PC.

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Thank goodness for that, I thought it would never be accepted.

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I've been waiting for this to get Greenlit. This will be the first fighting game I'll buy at launch, on Steam that is, and the first one I'll own since Street Fighter 4 (vanilla).

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@dougquaid said:


I'm really going to miss the Divekick Esports Hour once Divekick actually comes out. :(

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Woop! I wonder if it will be launched alongside the PS versions. I can now stop bugging my friends about greenlightdivekick.com. Can't wait!

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