Divekicking Saturday 24/8

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Divekicking - 24/8/13


55 matches played
107 games total played
Redacted - Rank #48 (PSN)
Score 181
Overall rank #656 (PSN)
Score: 90
Most picked gem: Yellow (Dive)


Progress Recap: Dropped down the rankings significantly. Hopefully, this is due to better unranked players starting the game this weekend & the PR should start to level out accordingly over the next fortnight.


Strategies & Findings :


I ran into a few S-Kill players today and was having real trouble with them. So far, the best strategy I could find was to not take the offensive as the warp is far too random to be able to guess at attacking. If aiming for the middle line, then you know that the S-Kill player is going to have to make a kick towards as the counter runs out you which you can counter. Still probably my most hated match-up at the moment!



As I only ran into a handful of players on PSN (EU) I decided to make notes about them rather than individual strategies for characters. Some people can play a character very different to another! My rating of them is of course subjective to how confident I feel about going up against them rather than their actual skill level.

Supernaut92 - Kick - Good - Defensive

Waits for you to dive in front or to dive up first from a mutual position. Plays aggressive when you are concussed. Once meter is built up will rush you until it is depleted. Has trouble with Dr Shoals & other Kick players.

CassyCZ - Kung Pao - Fair - Aggressive

Doesn't use portals, easy to wait for an attack then dive > kick on decent.

Compsci88 - Kick - Poor - Aggressive (Possible Bot/Turbo Controller)

Seems to have the buttons left on auto possibly to get the 1000 matches achievement, makes for easy wins.

SilentBun - Dr. Shoals - Good - Aggressive

Doesn't use float, is susceptible to Feral Stance but back dashes away from double-kick counter.

Will chase down once meter is full but is reckless & regularly falls to back-kick > kick.

Cycosem - S-Kill - V.Good - Aggressive

Plays ultra defensive, uses parry & will wait for you to get close then punish. Best strategy is to hold the middle line & force him to kick towards you.

Dat-89-Hype-Ting - Kick - Good - Defensive

Patient player, doesn't rush you down even with full meter. Hard to deal with, aim for middle line victory.

CWallgamer - Dive - Good - Defensive

Doesn't rush, did not use specials, employs strategy of maintaining equal distance then waits for you to jump first.

JDFedule - Redacted - Good - Aggressive

Forces the pace but does not use Feral Stance to build meter or wall cling. Panics when faced against meter & back-kicks into corner.

Darkramlou - Jefailey - Good - Defensive

Will always be building meter, waits for you to kick close then unleashes drop kick. Use Feral stance to duck drop kick but can be difficult to time. Once head is inflated susceptible to rush downs.



I managed to get my YOLO gem, choke trophies today :D

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