Divekicking Thursday 22/8

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Divekick - 22/8/13

52 matches played


Redacted - Rank #7 (PSN)

Score 181

Overall rank #109 (PSN)

Score: 205

Most picked gem: Silver


Strategies & Findings :

Dr Shoals

- The most regularly played character that I'm coming across online at the moment.

Unless the opponent is actively using her super meter, is fairly easy to beat using Redacted's feral stance special. This causes her 2nd kick to whiff overhead setting her up for an easy double-tap kick reply. Real difficulty at the moment is countering defensive Shoals players who anticipate the feral stance & kick late.

Kick - Possibly most difficult opponent to play against at the moment due to his speed and very low kick angle which makes feral stance difficult to time & also going in close near suicidal. Strategy at the moment is to play defensively & aim for the centre line timeout.

Baz - Due to the sustained lightning bolts, jumping unnecessarily usually leads to defeat as Redacted has a very high jump height. Only real success I've had against Baz players is to let them take the aggressive option & hope that the angle of their dive is close enough to obtain a quick double kick return after whiffing. Maxing out the super meter doesn't particularly help as staying in the air longer leaves you open to falling into a 90 degree lightning trail.

Dive - While similar to kick, his speed isn't quite as dangerous which makes him open to aggression. Found a particularly effective tactic of using Redacted's wall cling, the subsequent jump usually gives you a good angle to then jump & headshot.

Others: I haven't seen enough of other characters to determine any particular threats. Stream seems to have the same problem as Shoals in that he's easy to Feral Stance against. Markman & Jefailey both have a larger hitbox & are typically played defensively waiting for you to whiff a kick close.

Mr N's float could be dangerous used to fake out a Feral Stance but I've yet to see anybody use it in such a way.

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Divekick - 23/8/13

89 matches played


Dive - Rank #1 (PSN)

Score: 377

Overall rank #14 (PSN)

Score: 405

Most picked gem: Yellow

Strategies/Findings :

Dr. Shoals - I personally haven't seen too many. Stay directly under her whenever possible. Kick her in the back as she comes down.

Kick - Jumps significantly lower than Dive. Get close and dive at which point your opponent will likely do the same. You will always win this exchange.

Baz - This guy sucks. Dive's slow kick is a real pain in the ass against this guy as it is very easy to hit the lightning by accident. A well timed dive will keep you in the air long enough to avoid the lightning. Only strategy I have against him is to build up meter as fast as possible and attack when it is full with your increased speed.

Mr. N - Can jump just as high as Dive and will win the exchange every time if both jump at the same time. Feel out how your opponent is playing Mr. N. If he plays it low then jump high and nail him in the head. If he plays high and uses the float use the same strategy you would against Dr. Shoals, stay under and kick the back when they come down.

Kung Pao - She also has a very slow kick and since Dive jumps higher simply wait for her to make the first move then counter.

Jeffailey - Hang back and wait for him to kick then move in and smack him. As his head gets bigger, headshots become easier thanks to Dive's dive.

Redacted - She jumps really high but her angle is very short. Jump up with her and kick after she does.

MarkMan - Avoid the spring at all costs! Try to avoid the glue. Use the oil to your advantage. Jump on it and slide toward your opponent. If he manages to build the stick then just wait him out. Dive humps way higher so get close and bop him on the head when possible.

Uncle Sensei - Watch out for the boots on his hands and the stance changes. Bait him out. Hang back and hit him as he reaches the floor.

S-Kill - Button mash and hope for the best :(

Kenny - Jump back and see what stance he has, then counter with one of the methods above.

Stream - I have yet to see a single person pick Stream.

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Luckily all the Baz players I seem to come across apply this bizarre strategy of picking the Yolo gem & immediately spamming the kick button. Why they think this is going to work I have no idea!

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Luckily all the Baz players I seem to come across apply this bizarre strategy of picking the Yolo gem & immediately spamming the kick button. Why they think this is going to work I have no idea!

I've seen quite a bit of that actually. Still, it makes me happy when I kick them in the face.

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