Donkey Konga Bongo Controller

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I know Jeff was joking when he had the idea of playing this game with the Donkey Konga bongo drum controller, but it totally (theoretically) is possible on the PC version.

You could use a gamecube-to-usb adapter.

The left bongo has sensors for the y and b buttons, and the right one for x and a. Clapping above the microphone counts as the z button but I don't think it works with the usb adapter.

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Reading this thread title aloud makes you sound completely insane. Try it.

Also that's really awesome, I wonder what other games would wire up with it well.

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I'm more a fan of using Rockband drums.

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Gotta be some of these jobs lying around in a warehouse somewhere.

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@joey: Finally a reason to dust off the old DK Bongos!!! Many thanks for your brilliant mind of madness.

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How about: Rock Band guitar. Up strum and down strum. Think about it.

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Or, you could find a program that converts voice commands into button presses, so you could just keep shouting "JUMP!" or "KICK!" into your microphone.

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I also would not be averse to Divekicking via the Samba De Amigo maracas.

All of this needs to be made a reality.

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Or how about those Buzz quiz show controllers?

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I was planing on using DDR mats.

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Just give me Oculus Rift support and I'll be good.

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Use one of these:

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I will actually do this because I don't think I can afford two Divekick controllers. It sounds awesome, and I've always wanted to play more Donkey Konga.

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Came in this topic to post just now what I already said over a month ago and had forgotten. Damn I'm quick.

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I have three of these fuckers somewhere.

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This is a brilliant idea. Drums at the ready!

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Got my bongos and this adapter, and went to testing. I can confirm this adapter works with the DK Bongos on both PC and PS3. I don't see why there would be any issue on PC, but may have an issue on PS3 navigating menus, etc.

On PS3 I started game (Injustice) with a controller went to the button remap menu and remapped buttons to the bongos and then swapped back to get into a game and swapped back again to play the game with the bongos. This may work better on PS3 with Divekick, depending on how much the menu system changed from the game menus at UFGT9. I'll find out once the game is out.

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Wow, that's an amazing idea in theory. As long as it's confirmed to work, I can see that being the most authentic Divekick experience outside of snagging a Kickbox for yourself.

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Now if only it was compatible with that Tony Hawk skateboard controller.

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I have played divekick on an original kickbox and now for a solid day plus on the donkey kong bongos and say the bongos are ok, but NOTHING like a kickbox. The kickbox has a real viceral feel of weight and slam to them that is missing on everything else including the bongos. The bongos have switches under the drums that you end of lightly pushing with your finger tips and work fine but do not replace the kickbox

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