Giant Bomb Steam Divekick Side Tournament!

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So, since DIVEKICK is coming to Steam on August 20th for $9.99, lets have ourselves a Steam side tournament!

The official Divekick tournament can be found here, but since that is PS3/Vita only, I figured I would start a second thread and bracket for people who are only getting the Steam version, or are getting both. I figure that it will run the same time as the real tournament, Friday August 23rd-Sunday August 25th, with finals happening as they come up.


  • Tournament will follow a double elimination format, meaning players will have to lose twice to be eliminated.
  • Each match will consist of a winner taking 5 rounds. Each round will be 20 seconds each.
  • Winner of a set is determined by best of 2 out of 3 matches.
  • Losers finals and grand finals will be best of 3 out of 5 matches.
  • Character switching is allowed only to the loser of a match in a set, with the winner having to stick with the same character. However, if the loser switches characters, the winner is allowed to switch gems.
  • If a player's connection drops during a round, it is up to the opponent to decide if he agrees to do a rematch or not.

How To Sign Up

Just put your Steam username in this thread, and I will add you to the running list. Provided nothing goes screwy, I will post the Challonge! page in this thread on August 22nd, giving plenty of time for players to contact their first matches and start on time.


GB UsernameSteam UsernameGB UsernameSteam Username
Glentennishotcheesebandit007DrayneODrayne O
The_Tthe_t113DarkshaperProfessor Video Games
DalaiTheDalaiLlamaBarrabasDarth Moo
Dolphin_ButterDolphin Butter
D_WD. W. - Disembodied Dave
PeezMachinePeez Machine
theoracleofgames(M-E) Hudley
Lyndon_B_JohnsonLyndon B. Johnson


Alright kiddos! (ignore that). We are just a few days away from the beginning of the Divekick tournaments! Here is a quick update as to what is going on, and what to expect.

On August 20th at 5pm EST, submissions will be closed. I will be compiling to brackets on Challonge! and posting it up by midnight EST. Everyone will need to get in contact with their first round opponents to set up a time to begin.

The tournament itself will begin Friday, August 23rd. Everyone's first rounds should be completed by the end of the day, but of course there will be understanding if that is difficult. The only true deadline is Top 8 MUST be reached by 5pm EST Sunday, August 25th. That way, all territories can participate without too much fear of staying up past their bedtimes to complete the bracket.

Good luck, good training, and DIVEKICK


Its here its here! The day has arrived! Here is the bracket for the tournament starting in a few hours.

My apologies to the players who need to have one round before everyone else. I couldn't figure out the correct way for it to Bye correctly, and I am going to keep tweaking it. If I can't fix it, you guys have a bit more of a challenge (but all that much more glory).

Keep me updated throughout the weekend with PMs and posts here in the thread, and I will make sure to update regularly (and by regularly I mean every half-hour).

GLHB everyone.

Update To PMs

Okay! We have some quick changes to make. The first is for all results PM them to both me (@thdemn) and @l1ghtn1n and one of us will update the bracket as soon as we see it. The second is that a few players have been having lobby problems. The solution right now is to pinpoint who is having the problem, and have them drop down to losers bracket. Its a rough solution, I know, but its the best we have right now besides playing online Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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I'm in. Steam: Shaunage

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This might get more visibility in the Divekick forum. You might even want to contact someone in charge of the steam group and see if they can post an announcement, pointing people to this thread (if it's allowed).

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It will pick up steam (haha!). Still pretty early in the morning in some places.

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I'm in. Steam: snorlax789

#7 Posted by stri26 (31 posts) -

I'm game!

Steam: Stri26

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Sure, I'm down.

Steam: Chaser324

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i'm down as well

steam id is Dr.Ryan

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Count me in! Steam id: mattscout007 (current name is ATF_mattscout007 / TF2 in case that causes confusion)

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Glentennis // hotcheesebandit007

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Why the hell not? Steam id: musou

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I got this.

Steam ID: Fullmetalgambit

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Put me down as a maybe! ID: Chavtheworld

#15 Posted by EmptyApartment (141 posts) -

I'm in!

ID: EmptyApartment

#16 Posted by Marlowe (33 posts) -

Steam ID: Marlowe78

#17 Posted by The_T (5 posts) -

Yeah! Steam: the_t113

#18 Posted by Okynous (1 posts) -

Steam: wkys

#19 Posted by Tan (425 posts) -

Looks like this is happening right after my last exams!

I'm in, sign me up!

ID: Tan (

#20 Posted by Dalai (7070 posts) -

Steam ID: TheDalaiLlama

I want in on this sweet Divekick action.

#21 Posted by GrayFox814 (1 posts) -

Cannot wait!

Steam id: GrayFox814

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Steam ID: dj_azure

#23 Posted by youruglyclone (2 posts) -

Steam ID: youruglyclone in it to win it?

#24 Posted by Itwongo (1245 posts) -

Sure! ID should be Itwongo

#25 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1917 posts) -

Double dipping.

Steam ID: Dolphin Butter

#26 Posted by GateGeek (2 posts) -

I'm in! Steam ID: GateGeek

#27 Posted by urban_ryoga (84 posts) -

Steam ID: urbanryoga

#28 Posted by Maximo254 (1 posts) -

In the steam tournament please

Steam ID: Maximo254

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#31 Posted by tkalsey (159 posts) -

this should be fun. Steam: tkalsey

#32 Posted by YoThatLimp (1938 posts) -

YoThatLimp, I think I may actually skip the PS3 release and just buy it on steam.

#33 Posted by PeezMachine (231 posts) -

Get hype yall! I will be living proof that watching a lot of Divekick does not make you any better at playing it.

Steam ID: Peez Machine

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Sounds fun.

ID: Zornack

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#36 Posted by BaconGames (3575 posts) -

We'll see if any of these two conflict for me but if I get eliminated early I can at least keep playing against people in this one :D.

ID: bacongames

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Steam ID: (M-E) Hudley

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Count me in.

ID is aaa2006 (currently also ATF_Ryu ||| TF2). Hi @mattscout007.

#39 Posted by G_ (9 posts) -

I'd like to enter, please. Hopefully the two tournaments won't conflict with each other.

Steam ID: alb247

#40 Posted by dubradditz57 (7 posts) -

Made a Giant bomb account just for this

Steam ID: dubradditz

#41 Posted by Shikon (179 posts) -

how does the timing work on these things? i work on both Fridays and Saturdays but i am form Europe so that should leave enough time in the evening i hope?

my nick is Shikon and my ID is Fang221

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Already sold enough Trading Cards to pick this up the day it's out!

Steam ID: RedHatDrew

#43 Posted by DonutFever (3537 posts) -

Sure, I'll probably be awful though.

Steam ID: Petrov

#44 Posted by joey (987 posts) -

Sure, what the heck.

Steam ID: chickendude05

#45 Posted by Jixashauser (238 posts) -


Steam ID: Jixashauser

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#47 Posted by PajamuraiX (6 posts) -

This sounds awesome!

Steam ID: Pajamurai


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@thdemn: Has there been any estimates as to the match schedules? I just want to make sure and I know this is kinda early to ask but just wanted to try asking anyway. I just want to make sure since I REALLY want to join but don't wanna commit to it yet in case I might be unable to due to scheduling conflicts. :)

#50 Posted by FLStyle (4920 posts) -

For the record I won't be ready to start playing in the tournament until 2PM PST/5PMEST/10PM GMT (my time), once I'm back though I should be OK for the entire weekend.

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