Giant Bomb Steam Divekick Side Tournament!

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@glentennis: Talk about how well you did in the tournament in your next podburglars episode Ben! :D

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We have Top 16 Winners side solidified! Now just waiting on Losers to catch up. Check those brackets chaps, we are closing in on those finals.

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Hey @dubradditz57 were you able to get in contact with your opponent?

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I'm waiting for @bacongames. Got and accepted his friend request last night, but then my router lost contact with comcast's dns servers for the rest of the night. Hopefully he will jump on soon so I can get demolished.

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i am going to bed hopefully people have caught up tomorrow !

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We are going to freeze everyone in Top 8 to be completed tomorrow. So right now, @shikon @zornack and G should all stop and wait for tomorrow

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Still waitin on my opponent to show...

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So again is there a solid time where people get DQed? I almost got knocked out yesterday because it's sort of unclear what time each bracket should be done by. I've been waiting 6 hours for the match before me to take place so i can keep going but i'm sort of afraid of leaving my computer for too long in case the match happens and i get bye'd again

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@drayneo: I believe that @thdemn has contacted the people who are still far behind (Bracket CM/CN specifically) and has worked something out with them, so I don't think there will be a DQ for a little while. Either way you're far enough along the bracket that I don't think you'll need to worry about being disqualified and I'll try to send you a PM when your next match is ready.

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@aggrocraig, @chiablo, @yothatlimp any tips for getting a hold of @demension282? No luck on PM so far and Steam can't find anybody by that name. How did y'all do it?

His steam name seems to be KomodoSquirrel duder gave me his phone number as he was trying to reach me and wanted me to text him when I was ready, but I am pretty hesitant to drop that even in a PM.

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@yothatlimp: Thanks! And I definitely agree, you keep it classy over there.

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I need to hear from @glentennis @tkalsey @demension282 @gategeek ASAP to move match forward, or risk DQing. By this point in the tournament, I have the assumption that everyone has committed to running this until it is done, so late entries and missed matches will begin to be treated. Besides that though, hope you guys are enjoying it. WE ARE SO CLOSE

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Well I'm up against rayzertag. Found and added him on steam and it says he hasn't been online in 18 hours...hopefully he'll get back on soon

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He is @graham_nix here. Shooting him a message may help

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@gaspower said:

@glentennis: Talk about how well you did in the tournament in your next podburglars episode Ben! :D

Hahahah oh man I can't wait to talk about divekick and how better I am at it than Kessler. Also @thdemn I won.

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Sadly, my professional Divekick tournament career is over. For now. Good luck to the rest of you.

If it's any consolation, I did okay despite my high post count here.

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@dalai: Good job duder you did us proud.

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@gaspower: All ya'll high posters are almost gone. WE YOUNGBLOODS RULE THESE STREETS

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@thdemn: Well I at least chose to lose with dignity ;_;

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@glentennis: Well, you along with Steve we're the only ones who followed and proficiently played fighting games right? It makes sense.

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@glentennis Your Steam username isn't coming up for me in a friend request, but it also looks like Steam's acting weird as a whole.

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I've advanced again.

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Good luck to you losers out there!
I'll be waiting at the end of the loser bracket!

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Welp... that was the choke of the century.

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@ottoman673: Did you already play your match? Doesn't look like the bracket has updated yet.

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@glentennis: Not sure if they've contacted/been contacted by @thdemn yet about it but I just shot both of them a PM asking about it.

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I'm waiting for @karsh to play my next match, sent him a PM but didn't hear back yet.

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@musou: Have you managed to contact him at all yet, either through Steam or PM?

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@l1ghtn1n: I was having some trouble finding him on Steam (he's not the only one with that Steam ID) but I just found it (or at least I think I have) and added him but he hasn't accepted me yet. And no, he hasn't responded my PM either.

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@musou: If you don't here back by 4pm EST, let us know. We are coming on a week active, so we need to start getting things moving again. That means @glentennis and @darkshaper also need to get on their match ASAP

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Surprised that I lasted as long as I did. Good luck with the rest of the tournament.

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@thdemn @l1ghtn1n Just spoke to Karsh and he said that he has forfeited the tournament, so I guess I'm moving to the next bracket?

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@musou: Alright that's a bummer but it happens. Just updated the bracket, looks like @arbitrarywater is your next opponent.

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@l1ghtn1n: Yep, already added him on Steam and sent him a PM here on the site, just waiting for his answer!

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@musou added you. Let's play when you can, I'll be around today.

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well i guess i can take some pride in being the best loser. i wish G and Zornack the best in the finals!

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Finals Finals Finals! Best of luck to @zornack and @g_ in their match!

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So, finally, the tournament has concluded with @g_ as our winner, with @zornack coming in second and @shikon in third. Thanks for all the help guys, I will definitely be learning from this experience on how to make these run smoother. Hoping to do another Divekick thing in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Hope everyone had fun competing! There were certainly a few bumps throughout but everyone was incredibly kind and understanding which made things on our end a hell of a lot easier. Congrats to @g_ @zornack and @shikon on their victories, and of course huge thanks to @thdemn for putting this whole thing on!

Best of luck to everyone in their next tournaments, and thanks for participating!

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yeah it was a fun little tournament to bad it sometimes went as slow as it did. next time i'll win this thing tough!

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