Kung Pao is very hygienic.

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so i made a topic about this on the official forums but i figured you guys would want to know as well.

Kung Pao seems to change panties everyday. shes my main and her panties have been a different colour even tough i pick the same red outfit i always do.
changing to a different outfit her panties remain the same colour, they only seem to change after a day or so.

so am i weird for noticing this? and its a pretty cool feature no?

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You are a) weird for noticing b) weird for making a thread about it :P

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Yes you are weird for noticing this.

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That is some Kojima-esque shit.

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That is kind of amazing.

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God damn this gif makes me laugh every single time.

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You're weird for noticing, but who cares because it's even weirder that Dave Lang (it had to be him, right?) put that in the game.

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I don't know if its weirder to notice that, or to program that in.

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I thought it was strange. Yesterday she had red ones when I could have sworn she had light blue ones before. I only pick the blue outfit so it wasn't that. I figured I must have been misremembering things and it was a different colour that my opponent had chosen.

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Oh my god...I really thought this was related to her outfit. God damn you for making me load the game up to check...and LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!

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I... Would have noticed this too.

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It's not that weird noticing it considering her underwear are in plain view so often. What is weird is that they programmed it into the game.

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I think it's weird that you call changing your underwear daily 'very' hygienic.

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I think it's weird that you call changing your underwear daily 'very' hygienic.

changing them once every two days is hygienic, changing them daily is very hygienic.

i'm not made of laundry money, are you?

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@truthtellah: Hitting the bank again with those GIFs!

Now we have to wonder why other games don't do it. Chun Li you foul disgusting person....

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