Possible Divekick FMV Adventure Game

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So Dave Lang has taken to Twitter to (sort of) pitch the one thing dumber/better than Divekick itself: an FMV adventure game set in the Divekick universe.

He's serious about it too, it seems.

Who knows if this will actually get made, but hey, if we keep talking about it, maybe Dave Lang will be forced to retreat within the Lang Zone to determine if this towering monument to idiocy is plausible.

On another note, for what other games would you like to see an FMV adventure game spinoff? This seems like a genre that's poised to blow up in a big way.

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Now I just wish the story mode had FMV cutscenes.

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Guys, I think I found out the name of this game if its going to be on the PC and if its a point and click FMV adventure game: DIVECLICK!

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Listen, assholes. If you idiots don't buy Divekick and deprive not just me but the whole world of this game, I will personally hunt down all of you motherfuckers. I swear to god.

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They should just buy the rights to a Night Trap or Fox Hunt sequel. That would be way better.

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Guys, I think I found out the name of this game if it going to be on the PC and if its a point and click FMV adventure game: DIVECLICK!

I hope that's their intention. And I just floated the idea by Dave Lang on Twitter, so if it wasn't their intention, it may be now.

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Well shit. Now I have to buy ALL OF THE COPIES OF DIVEKICK.

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Yes. I want all the divekick the Langzone will give to me!

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That is the BEST IDEA. If they put physical copies out in old-school big boxes, with 6 or 7 CD-ROMs to hold all the FMV goodness, I will find every pair of pants on Earth and pee them all.

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As giant bomb members, we are all obligated to purchase 10 copies of dive kick at full price, 9 of those copies forever trapped in our steam inventories

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Oh there definitely needs to be a part where The Baz goes on a date.

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Saw that, not interested.

Will still buy several copies of Dive Kick.

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I'll be buying it both on Steam and PSN, for sure.

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We are getting dangerously close to the possibility of a Divekick choose-your-own-adventure book.

Let's do this, people.

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