Questions regarding online play.

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Will this game have a lobby system?

What about the netcode? I refuse to purchase any game that lags online.

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I know that it has GGPO for the online, which is solid. I don't know about the lobby systems though, I imagine you could find out today however, during tonight's Iron Galaxy Esports hour. They were planning to stream about online last week but they had too many twitch problems, so I imagine that'll happen today.

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Oh cool, I honestly haven't been following Divekick much since I wanted yo buy it, but the release date was so far away I stopped caring. Well at least it is only one more week or so away.

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It uses GGPO netcode. Fighting games lag online that's why it's online. Even with 0 frame delay selected, you will experience problems if you play against someone with high ping.

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During the EVO-Stream Lang himself said that Divekick will have "2-player Lobbies". So I guess that means 1on1.


Disclaimer: I haven't watched yesterdays E-Sports hour, so I don't know if anything has changed since then.

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Okay, so watching the E-Sports hour, there are online 2-player lobbies (public and private), and if you are in one of those the game acts as if it's offline versus (with rematch and character select options after each batlle and such). Then there's also ranked matchmaking.

Also the GGPO seems to work great, looked smooth even while those guys were streaming.

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