Return of the #eSports Hour, Divekick AE announced!

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A bunch of info from the stream, it's kinda garbled and incomplete, I'm trying to cook dinner here o_O

  • At least one new stage
  • At least one new character
  • No cross-buy
  • Updates will be pushed to existing versions
  • Divekick AE (Addition Edition)
  • Out between SCR and XBone/PS4 versions
  • Traditional Menu mode, control menu with d-pad
  • Blind select added to ranked play
  • Style Gem bonus up to 15%, Dive Gem bonus still 6%, Kick Gem bonus now 12%, all still say 10% in UI
  • Over 180 new Sensei tips

Uncle Sensei

  • Super Jump velocity +8%
  • Stance Dance to kick into kick adds velocity
  • Kickfactor speed buff down 12%

Stream Monster

  • Can launch a second Flame Bait when one is on screen, first one vanishes, only one per jump
  • Can turn invisibility off by doing Spooby PLS on the ground again
  • No speed buff during Kickfactor, instead any basic action summons a Mini Monster Missile, 90 frame cooldown, lasts 10 second


  • No speed buff during Kickfactor, Kick startups greatly decreased, lasts 8 seconds from 6 seconds
  • Cannot cancel landing recovery into Brilliant Escape
  • Brilliant Escape meter drain per frame doubled
  • Both kicks +1 startup frame


  • Feral Stance meter gain doubled
  • Cornered Beast goes into wall cling if it hits wall that drains meter, Dive to wall jump, Kick to drop
  • Cornered Beast costs 70% more meter
  • Kickfactor speed buff down 20%


  • Can cancel a kick at any time into Terminal Velocity
  • Terminal Velocity cost increased 33%
  • Kickfactor speed buff down 20%


  • YOLO Gem no longer makes his head grow
  • Timer Scam pauses own Kickfactor meter, opponent's continues to drain
  • Can cancel a kick at any time into Disqualified
  • Jump velocity increased 5%
  • Gravity rating decreases 25% more per head increase
  • Meter gain increased 25%


  • Party Starter bounces opponent 33% higher
  • Meter gain reduced 9%
  • Kickfactor speed buff down 20%

Mr. N

  • GTFO 30% faster
  • Startup frames of GTFO invincible except head
  • Can cancel a kick at any time into Marneto
  • Secret double jump 25% increased velocity
  • Something I missed, Kickfactor speed buff down 16%?

The Baz

  • Totally new character
  • Mighty Swing and Bazkousen have been swapped
  • Only two Mighty Swings per jump
  • Bazkousen starts at 40 degrees, rotates 15% faster, ends at 105 degrees
  • Kickfactor is no longer invincible
  • Something I missed, 8 second Kickfactor?
  • Jumps farther and higher in Kickfactor

Kung Pao

  • Can cancel a kick at any time into Dimension Break
  • Meter gain increased 20%
  • Something I missed, probably a Kickfactor speed buff decrease


  • Upkick has 33% more velocity
  • Upkick costs 20-40% more precision meter but precision meter drains slower
  • If you don't use upkicks, precision meter lasts 40 seconds
  • Upkick attack boxes no longer go past knee
  • Kickback distance decreased 8%
  • Falls down more sharply after Feint
  • Kick startup time increased 17%
  • Kickfactor speed buff decreased 38%
  • Kick speed decreased 9%
  • EWGF is 16% slower
  • Item Dig recovers 6 frames faster


  • Teleport jumps replaced with normal jumps
  • In Kickfactor speed buff removed, normal jumps get replaced by teleport jumps, Kickfactor lasts 40 seconds, "Boss Mode"
  • Parry hitbox moved up 50%
  • Parry recovery increased 400%
  • Kickback and air kickback animation in Kickfactor mode rotated 90 degrees


  • Can attack after Spirit Bullet Homing in all stances
  • Can cancel a kick at any time into Spirit Bullet Homing
  • Can place multiple Spirit Bullets on screen at a time
  • The Baz stance removed
  • Base cost of Spirit Bullet Homing increased 50%
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Thank god for the S-Kill change, I hated playing anyone who used him. Really annoying dealing with his normal jumps being teleport jumps. It's like playing against Protoss in SC2.

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I think @mooseymcman had a heart attack about Baz. Some of these changes are massive.

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I'm quite displeased with these changes. Furious, even.


YES, I just used a hashtag on Giant Bomb.

@demoskinos Luckily, my health issues are intestinal, and my heart is as strong as ever. If anything, it is FORTIFIED against these awful changes! If they wanted a new character, they should have left The Baz alone, and made a new character! Call him WaBaz or something. Zab. That's Baz backwards!

#5 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

These all looked like fine adjustments but it only made me think I don't need to learn a new character anymore because my old one is more viable. Really glad that S-kills parry got raised because I could never get that low on @fluxwavez.

#6 Posted by BisonHero (8439 posts) -

@starvinggamer: What does "totally new character" mean for The Baz? I see balance changes for him, but he sounds like the same character. Joke?

Also, glad for the Markman precision meter buff. It lasted so briefly that I barely felt worth earning. Now you can actually sit on it a bit once it's active and wait for a good opportunity to upkick.

#7 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2636 posts) -

The has done quite literally changed

#8 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

> S-Kill cited as "the worst character in the game."

> Nerf S-Kill to hell.

#9 Posted by Demoskinos (16312 posts) -

@bisonhero: Its a joke but also real. His attack animations are entirely different. You know his rope swing special? THAT is his main kick now. The lightning kick is now a special. That means an entire overhaul of how you play baz as a character.

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All I'm saying is that I'm not going to be patching my version of Divekick. The PURE Divekick will live on, with me at least. So far as I'm concerned, Jefailey's head will grow with the YOLO gem, and The Baz will be THE BAZ.

#11 Posted by BisonHero (8439 posts) -

@demoskinos: Ahhh, ok. I don't think most people know what Bazkousen refers to, and thought maybe it was his shock counterattack thing (admittedly, switching shock counterattack and mighty swing would make no sense).

#12 Posted by DevourerOfTime (564 posts) -

Dropping The Baz. Likely will pick up Markman or Kenny, if I keep up with the game at all.

RIP The Baz. You'll be missed. Likely only by me, but you'll be missed.

#13 Posted by Dalai (7773 posts) -

At least one new character?

Please be Dave Lang.

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I wrote some more detailed thoughts here. Yes, shameless promotion of my own blog that I just wrote. I'm not copying and pasting all that here when it's just somewhere else on Giant Bomb.

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Are there going to be any lobbies? Changes are good and all, but the game died off so quickly because of the lack of lobbies. This isn't a big name like KoF where something like that won't hurt the game dramatically.

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#17 Posted by RecSpec (4614 posts) -

S-Kill jumping is just fucking weird. I know that he doesn't have startup on jumps anymore, but I still hate it.

Although WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is pretty awesome.

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I know i'm late to this but I just caught it. I will play the game again for sure. The changes make the game sound better. Mainly S-kill and Baz being changed. Those characters were dumb before.

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