So I asked Iron Galaxy for a tournament prize...

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Felt like I needed to post this in order to properly give props to Dave Lang and the rest of the Iron Galaxy team, cause they did something real awesome for me.

I work over at Turbine (makers of Lord of the Rings Online) and recently decided it'd be fun to run a Divekick tournament at the office. I figured Dave Lang seemed like a cool dude, so I sent an email to Iron Galaxy asking if they could provide "somethin real dumb" as a prize for our tournament. Dave responded saying he had an idea but it would be a few weeks, and not long after we received a big cardboard box with IRON GALAXY written on the side in sharpie.

We had a good turnout and plenty of spectators; it turns out "there are only two buttons!" is actually a solid way of getting people to try a new game. And when the dust cleared from the final match (Baz vs. S Kill), and we opened the box to reveal the prize, the collective gasp rang throughout the halls of the studio.

That's right. It's the Mr. N version of this Fellowship of the Ring poster

Thanks again to Dave and the Iron Galaxy team, we had an great time during this tournament, and getting this amazing piece of art as the prize was a fantastic way to finish it! It's hanging in the LOTRO pit now, over the desk of our new Divekick champion.

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Hahahaha that is great poster. "Mr. N is OP."

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That is incredible! Mr N is still a scumbag though...

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Saw a few pictures of this going around on Twitter yesterday, it's pretty awesome for sure.

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Holy fucking shit. Incredible.

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My god that is wonderful

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That is pretty damn cool.

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Dave Lang is a king among men.

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Its beautiful! What a guy.

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Oh my god.

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That is really cool.

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Awesome poster, and great idea for a tournament! I don't live too far from the studio. Much love for Turbine :)

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Oh man. From the very depths of the Lang Zone.

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The very best!

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Dave Lang is a pretty cool dude.

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That's my main man Mr. N! SO GAWDLIKE!

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Dave Lang really delivered on that one.

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Man, Martin Phan should be getting tons of royalties for IG's use of his likeness! :P That's awesome.

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Oh my god that's fantastic. I wish I had a desktop version.

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Dave Lang seems like a cool dude, but I heard he stands outside monasteries and throws water balloons full of paint at nuns.

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