Which Divekick character do you play as most?

Posted by The_Grindilow (433 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: Which Divekick character do you play as most? (65 votes)

Dive 12%
Kick 23%
Kung Pao 11%
Mr. N 9%
Redacted 3%
Uncle Sensei 5%
Dr Shoals 11%
Jefailey 0%
The Baz 6%
MarkMan 11%
Stream 2%
S-Kill 5%
Kenny 3%

Who's your fav/most played Divekick character? For me it's gotta be Markman...

#1 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4744 posts) -

I have been playing Mr.N for the most part but last night messing with character discovered Dive really fits my style.

#2 Posted by csl316 (10077 posts) -

Kick. I always tend to stick to starter characters, I dunno.

The Fresh Prince shoutouts in this game are super.

#3 Posted by PCWV (104 posts) -

I haven't really got a main yet, I like to play dive and Shoals and REDACTED and I'm not sure who i like best yet

#4 Edited by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

Redacted all day.

#5 Posted by mwng (1014 posts) -

I find myself playing Mr. N most, I just seem to do better with him.

I'm always tempted to use Kick though, as his win quotes never get old...

#6 Posted by eccentrix (1708 posts) -

I'm mostly Kick, but I'm not bad with Kung Pao.

#7 Posted by Mezmero (2263 posts) -

Given the simplicity of the game play I find it hard to stick to just one person. I like mixing it up even if I'm doing well with a certain character. I tend to do the same for most fighting games I play. At the same time I haven't gotten a lot of time to play.

#8 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

Definitely doing best with dr. Shoals. Redacted, Markman and stream are also a lot of fun

#9 Posted by The_Grindilow (433 posts) -

How anyone plays with S-kill baffles me. It is madness

#10 Posted by CaLe (4119 posts) -

I just got it and have been going with Dive just to get used to it. Playing it feels way different than watching it being played, I gotta say.

#11 Posted by BlaineBlaine (476 posts) -

Kick. Although I'm starting to question it because I can never land the Party Starter.

#12 Posted by fisk0 (4913 posts) -

I've mostly played Shoals, haven't tried all the characters yet though, so I don't know if I'd like anyone else better.

#13 Posted by The_Grindilow (433 posts) -

No surprises that Kick seems to be the favorite. No votes for Stream and Jefailey, I shall go play as them immediately! I do like Jefailey's ever expanding head.

#14 Posted by mrcraggle (2023 posts) -

If i'm playing ranked (so serious!) then I play as either Kick, Markman or Shoals but if it's just in a lobby or with friends then I'll just rotate characters out to keep things fresh. I do with there were more options for online though. I would like to make a lobby where multiple people could join, watch and play winner like pretty much every other fighting game.

#15 Edited by SuperWristBands (2280 posts) -

I tend to pick characters based on what I find appealing about the character design rather than playstyle. With that said I've only played with a buddy for about 2 hours but after trying the entire roster I forced myself to play as S-Kill. Hated the double jump at first but eventually learned to love it and of course, I don't regret it. When I was done I just wanted more. Controlling S-Kill is surprisingly fun. Like fun in the way that I want to just be moving around. Like, just teleporting around and the different things you can do with those two jumps.

#16 Posted by Dethfish (3734 posts) -

If it's ranked I play as Mr. N since I feel I have the best chance of winning with him, or on rare occasions I'll switch to Dive just 'cause.

In unranked I only play as Kenny. He's too fun. I don't know how many people have tried this, but you can use his air special almost like a makeshift Mr. N float and trick people into getting below you.

#17 Posted by Hungry (166 posts) -

No surprises that Kick seems to be the favorite. No votes for Stream and Jefailey, I shall go play as them immediately! I do like Jefailey's ever expanding head.

I just found this thread. I am #6 Stream on PC :o

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