Who's your main and what buttons you using?

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#51 Posted by zombiesatemycereal (433 posts) -

Using Shoals mostly, with occasionally switching to Markman. I use d-pad down and X on PS3, and the first two bottom buttons on my stick on PC.

#52 Posted by Itwongo (1657 posts) -

I've had great success with REDACTED, much to my surprise. She's the last character I expected to like. I'm also using Markman as an off-character, with similar success.

After fiddling around with several placements, I've settled on d-pad Left and the X button on this 360 controller.

#53 Edited by Dethfish (3769 posts) -

I don't know if he's the best choice, but I've been using Mr. N because he makes me laugh.

And I use X for jump and d-pad down for kick

#54 Edited by PeezMachine (287 posts) -

Maining Baz and Shoals. Was using LB/RB (360 controller for PC), but I'm getting better results using the triggers instead. Definitely more reliable when it comes to cancelling Shoals' air special.

#55 Posted by squiDc00kiE (401 posts) -

Main: Redacted with shoulder buttons

#56 Posted by code3xbl (46 posts) -

I've been using Shoals and Kung Pao for now.

I use the Rock Band Blitz control scheme:

Left on the D Pad to Dive

A button to Kick (360 controller on PC).

#57 Edited by ekajarmstro (433 posts) -

I can't decide between Dive and Mr. N as my main.

I play on PC and I use LShift Dive, RShift Kick. It reminds me of old pinball games I played where I used the shift keys for the flippers.

#58 Posted by mccarron (89 posts) -

I've decided to use Kenny, good way to learn how all the characters move better and the various match ups.

On PS3/Vita I use Down and X, on PC I use D and K right now.

#59 Posted by Musou (345 posts) -

I've been playing A LOT of The Baz and I really enjoy his style, but I feel that "maining" him isn't a good decision seeing as he's such a different character. I've been looking into maining some Kick for now, to get better at the game on the overall, and then maybe going back to Baz.

On PC I use an Xbox controller, I put it on my table with the top of the controller facing me and B + X for Dive and Kick, respectively. It's quite a weird setup but it's been working damn fine for me.

#60 Posted by GaspoweR (4501 posts) -
#61 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2742 posts) -

Dr. Shoals for now. I haven't tried many of the characters yet. Liked Markman too.

Up and Triangle on PS3.

#62 Edited by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Updated: Moved off of Markman for somebody with a bit more mobility and offensive pressure, so I'm playing Kick. I thought about Dive, but I actually prefer Kick's faster kick and meter build; gives me a bit more control and set-up options.

#63 Posted by doublejumppride (28 posts) -

Dr. Shoals(usually with kick gem) as my main.

A and LT(outermost buttons) on my fightstick when I use it and LT and RT when using a normal 360 pad.

#64 Posted by wyndhydra (20 posts) -

Trying with Jefailey, using A and B on the stick.

#65 Edited by nutta27 (272 posts) -

Using L1 and R1 on PS3 and shoulders on Vita.

It's all about Dr. Shoals for me at the minute. Unless I come up against Baz that dude fucks me up every time. Experimenting on characters to get around that.

#66 Edited by sir_gunblade (159 posts) -

I just played a little of the story mode with Redacted and Kick. Like Kick better so far. I'm playing on PC with an Original 360 controller, and I'm having a hard time finding a comfortable button config. I'm using A and X and holding the controller sideways.

#67 Posted by Vermisean (159 posts) -

Kick has been my main so far.

Right d-pad and square - it just feels right.

#68 Edited by posh (619 posts) -

hard to say since i've already changed a bunch of times. started with shoals, feel like she's a good character to start with with decent air control but i think she's too slow to go up against anybody really good. constantly messing with dive and kick, probably prefer kick of the two, he's a good safe character for if you're unsure of the match-up. more recently tho i've really been liking kung pao with the kick gem, i find myself barely diving with her, only really to punish big mistakes from long range. her kickback into her kick has pretty good range and is so low and fast it's hard to punish compared to a lot of kicks. it's super effective against steep angles. i'm still finding my way around the game though so i'm open to trying other characters with different gems

i'm using my madcatz stick i use for all my fighting games, using bottom left and bottom right buttons

#69 Edited by Chaser324 (7573 posts) -

I'm still experimenting with characters, but I've primarily been playing it safe by using Kick. I wish he had a more useful ground special, but his speed makes him a viable option against anyone.

I've been using LB and RB on a 360 controller.

#70 Posted by Undeadpool (5378 posts) -

Shoals for main, Kick for secondary. Running into a SHITLOAD of Baz's, which is great because my Shoals does REALLY well against most Baz players...

Had an absolutely stellar Dive VS Kick match last night. Came down to 4/4 and every round went down to 5 seconds or less.

#71 Posted by Doskias (392 posts) -

I'm so incredibly new at this game, so I've pretty much only touched Dive so far.

As for buttons, I use my 360 controller on my PC, so A is Dive, and X is Kick.

#72 Edited by Slay3r1583 (688 posts) -

Dr. Shoals with some Dive on the side.

D and K obviously.

#73 Edited by YummyTreeSap (675 posts) -

I've been using Kick for the most part, but sometimes REDACTED if I feel it's a good matchup. I'll usually pick Kung Pao against Baz players because her horizontally-aiming kick works well at kicking him in his goddamn face.

I use X and L2 on my TTT2 arcade stick. An arcade stick seems like overkill for a game like this, but I mean, why not?

#74 Edited by FLStyle (5960 posts) -

I've been playing Mr. N with L1 and R1.

#75 Edited by jasonefmonk (378 posts) -

D-pad Up to dive.

Triangle to kick.

Kung Pao, Kick, and maybe another.

#76 Posted by Neurotic (635 posts) -

Kung Pao and L1 R1 (shoulder buttons on Vita)

#77 Posted by GreggD (4592 posts) -

I'm pretty happy with the fact that there is a fighting game where people don't ask what kind of controller you're using, but rather what buttons you have set up.

#78 Posted by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

Playing as Kung Pao and using L1 R1.

#79 Edited by nate6858 (184 posts) -

Main: Kick. Using the shoulder buttons on a 360 controller on PC.

#80 Posted by Zeeco (113 posts) -

I'm mainly using Redacted with the occasional Baz.

I've just been using W and D on the keyboard.

#81 Posted by LiquidPrince (16635 posts) -

Dr. Shoals and L1/R1.

#82 Posted by phantomzxro (1608 posts) -

I don't have an official main yet but as of right now it's kick

Button config : L1 - Dive Square - Kick

#83 Edited by SkankinPacman (109 posts) -

I have been maining Mr. N a lot. And my buttons have be L and R Ctrl on my keyboard and shoulders on Vita.

#84 Posted by Zidd (1923 posts) -

Main: Shoals

Buttons: Right / Square.

#85 Edited by SkankinPacman (109 posts) -

I have been maining Mr. N a lot. And my buttons have be L and R Ctrl on my keyboard and shoulders on Vita.

#86 Edited by sir_gunblade (159 posts) -

I've switched to Dive.

PC 360 Controller. Right/A

#87 Posted by oldjack327 (141 posts) -

I'm finding I do best with either Dive or Mr. N, but I really just love playing as Jefailey.

Also, I'm totally rocking out on the DK Bongos!

#88 Posted by Lavs (27 posts) -

Been playing Stream. So good, so fun. Biggest issues are Shoals, Redacted and Mr. N players. Jefailey players I eat for dinner every time. Dive/Kick are very good at punishing me, but I can still win against them with a lot of cunning or someone bad at execution.

First started with left/right bumper on 360 pad, then went to Q and O, then back to bumpers, now my hand hurts so I have to stop playing divekick for a while.

But man is stream fun to play.

#89 Posted by TheMasterDS (2656 posts) -

Kenny, Up/Triangle or W/Up depending on platform.

#90 Posted by dertek (6 posts) -

Dr. Shoals and Mr. N using a replica kick box

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