Demo is now up on Xbox LIVE!

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The idea of this game having a demo is completely weird. The only people that can play it have to own the first game for the turntable and  they kinda know exactly how the game plays... It plays like DJ Hero! 
So yeah, the freestyle sections are ace they make a game that already makes you feel like you have some control over the music feel even more in control. some of the Freestyle cutoffs seem a bit weird though. I only ever found myself messing up when it went directly into a tap or a cross-fade. Game is still awesome as hell, I really am pumped for more DJ Hero.  
Zane Lowe in the tutorial..aghhh I HATE Zane Lowe... is this region specific? 
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I got a free DJ controller in some random give away thing, never got the first game, so I'll have to download the demo later. Got too many games to buy right around now, but eh, you never know when this or the first one will be avaliable for cheap.

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Hey all. I'm going to run a quick stream of the demo to go over the two songs for my PS3 brothers who can't download it. I'll link to the archive once its done.

 (Edit: Ultimate fail! My laptop overheated during the stream so the video got all glitched up.. then Ustream didn't save it. Profound sadness.)

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I tried to play it with and without calibration, but the timing seemed to be still wayyyy off. I don't really know what is up. Then I tried DJ Hero 1 and didn't have any problems 5 starring stuff.

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I love how much more it puts you in control of the music, but the graphics and stuff feel really weird. But I'm sure I'll get used to that. Also, it's weird how they don't teach you about the new hold-tap thing. Needs more songs, we already got the Lady Gaga one.

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Downloaded and played it tonight.
I am very impressed by what they've brought to the gameplay in the sequel.  The new freestyle behaviour for samples, fades, and scratches is a [i]huge[/i] improvement to the recreation of the experience, as is the new 'hold or slow the record' input.   Hard to say what the career mode stuff will play like.  I may be in the minority but I really didn't have a problem with the extremely basic progression - unlock structure of the first game, but nothing looks bad about it at this point.
I saw in a vidoc that they're focusing more on new music this time around, which for me is a bit of a shame, I liked the new/old mix of the first one, which blended new songs I don't really like with cool old songs in neat ways (I normally hate 'Holla back girl', but cut up with Rick James it was kinda awesome).  How this works out for the new tracklist will be something that I won't know until I get it home.
I have a problem where my left hand isn't fast enough to bang out a jillion crossfader spikes in a row in freestyle, so I reach over with my right, but end up missing inputs during or immediately after the section - I'll just have to get my left up to speed I guess.
I enjoyed DJ Hero 1 well enough to make buying the sequel a safe bet, but the demo has really made it a sure thing.

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DJ Hero was one of my favorite games of the year and I thought that the only way it could get better was with more/better songs and a marketplace. The demo for DJ Hero 2 addresses all my wants and adds even more cool shit. Freestyle scratching is really cool and very satisfying. Obviously, your not actually scratching so its not a 1:1 type of thing but its pretty damn close. Freestyle crossfading is crazy too! Freedom over the crossfader lets you make some cool and unique music by choosing which song you want to play and which one you don't. Samples aren't just for making Flavor Flave yell Hit Me! and YEA BOIII!! anymore, they actually are related to the song you are playing and you must hit them in time(the game is pretty flexible about the in-time thing though). The songs are more modern from what I can tell now which I really enjoy. Also, and probably the best part is the battle game type where you go head to head with another DJ and try to get the most points. The cool part about this mode is that you play a certain part of the song, then they play it which creates a really cool back and forth feeling that's unique every time because you can do all this freestyle stuff now. My overall experience with DJ Hero 2 was as good as it could be. So far, besides Fallout New Vegas, its my most anticipated game!

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Great improvement over the original. The control over the song(such as freestyle crossfading) was well needed. Hell, I even bought the first game just recently just to play the demo at my house

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Let me come to the party about 3 weeks late 
  Not my best work, they made it ridiculously easy to 5 star now.
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Oh shit! I'll have to get this ASAP! But I swear to Christ if the Jackson fucking 5 are in it......

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