DJ Hero 2 Achievements

#1 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

The dudes over at just posted the official list of achievements.
Just thought I'd link it in case people are interested. :)

#2 Posted by JarenFace (217 posts) -

Really digging how these seem to be a step up from the ones found in the original. 
Two interesting things about it though. There are quite a number of uneven achievement values (Some 3s, even an 18). While I'm not exactly the most OCD when it comes to gamerscore... this totally could push it aha. I mean, a 3 point achievement does require two turntables and a microphone. I wonder if you can get that online.
Secondly, they're putting a big focus on the online aspect of it. While I really hope this does better than the first, the original's online community was really lacking. Within the first three weeks it was hard to find a game. Hopefully this won't be that big of a problem but all I know is this will probably push me to renew my gold subscription.

#3 Posted by DriveupLife (1147 posts) -

FUUUUUCK 50 wins? On playstation network!?!?! NEVER GONNA HAPPEN AFTER WEEK 1. I am so stoked for DJ Hero 2 but I hate those types of achievements. It took me two weeks to get ten wins when I was playing back last december. But since I know how to play now I can just go online and pick those achievements up as fast as I can basically.


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