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So I picked up DJ Hero 2 a few hours ago, started playing it and whatnot. First impressions anyone who's gotten it? 
My First impression is...FUCK. DJ Hero battles on expert are really hard. They remind me a little of the guitar battles in Guitar Hero 3. I mean I didn't even finish playing the first battle with Q Bert because I was down 5 checkpoints to zero. Looks like I'm going to have to work at those, which is a good thing in a way lol. Opening songs are really great, fairly slow but yeah i guess they put the easier ones near the beginning.

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Im waiting for the soundtrack rip.

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Shit. Another game to buy.

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First impression. Holy crap did they up the difficulty! I'm loving the game pretty much. 

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aaaaaaaaand I'm #8 on the All time leaderboards. The Online is pretty good! The ranking system makes me want to keep playing, you know, DUSTING fools on the turntables..table singular.

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@PufferFiz said:
" Im waiting for the soundtrack rip. "
Soundtrack rip from the first one actually convinced me to get it so yes, waiting for DJH2 soundtrack as well!
My copy is gonna arrive in few hours, really can't wait to get to those new mixing sections - easily the highlight of the demo and probably the biggest inclusion this time around.
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aaaaand #3 on ps3 leaderboards. Must. Keep. Playing.

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