Post your PSN / Gamertag here; Play DJ Hero 2 Online

#1 Posted by DriveupLife (909 posts) -

I'm looking for some people to play online with. My PSN is Driveuplife. Send me a friend request and I'll definitely add you. If you play on Xbox post your gamertag. I'm looking forward to sending challenges and playing online with some GB people.

#2 Edited by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

360: Big Daddy Afro  
My domain is Hard. I can play expert but I just feel more comfortable in hard since I can still rule some fools who even play expert.

#3 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1286 posts) -

360: SteamPunkJin  
Medium/Hard skill (kind of in between them - difficulty curve is really different than the first game)

#4 Posted by JarenFace (205 posts) -

360: Jaren Face
Hope to actually sit down with this game this weekend after all this midterm stuff.

#5 Posted by eccentrix (1483 posts) -

360: sheepnumber12
I'll probably only be playing Expert if I can help it.

#6 Posted by faustyn (614 posts) -

360: falek 
i usually play on hard. can't be bothered with crazy scratching on expert.

#7 Posted by FutureNewb (12 posts) -

360: Future Newb
I usually play on Medium.  After typing all day on and off work, my wrist hurts too much to play on hard right now. 

#8 Posted by GiantGUS (399 posts) -

360: Gaming GUS
I can play some songs on hard, but I mostly play on medium, especially online.

#9 Posted by D34dM4n (150 posts) -

D34d5D00r on the 360 
i play on medium

#10 Posted by Jackel2072 (2235 posts) -

The Jackel2072 -  360
it be nice to play with someone. seeing as how no one is playing this game online a the moment.

#11 Posted by Hokucho (74 posts) -

GT: Hokucho

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