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DJ Hero 2 is more DJ Hero. 1

2009′s DJ Hero was a breath of fresh air for the Rhythm Game Market. Releasing into a Marketplace flooded by 5 gazillion versions of Guitar Hero, it was a fantastic change of pace for those players out there that had become tired of the genre. DJ Hero 2 continues to impress and it gives players more control over the music, making it a more involving and exciting experience.The first DJ Hero didn’t have much of a story mode, it was there, but it was mostly just a menu where you could choose the m...

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Play it again, Sam... 0

Oh, rhythm games. When will I realize that you are my drug?  So, I've always been a huge fan of electronica and techno music, as well as the DJ and remix subculture. That's why, when I first heard that DJ Hero was coming out, I was ecstatic, and preordered it in full immediately. The first game was pretty fun, and I was able to smash through most of the mixes, but it's still lying on my shelf, a few choice songs un-5 starred.  Then DJ Hero 2 came out under my radar, and so I decided to pick it u...

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XBOX 360 Review: DJ Hero 2 0

Last year, Activision attempted to expand upon its Hero brand by introducing DJ Hero to the mix. The DJ themed Hero title was well received critically but was met with rather tepid sales figures. Speculative reasoning rained down from above as everyone attempted to put their own two cents out there for all to see and hear. Was it the over-priced turntable peripheral? Was it a reluctance to play a DJ themed game? Or was it just further proof that the current era of music based games was beginning...

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Greatest Musical Game of the Year! 0

   I just got this game on Christmas, and as soon as I open it (from the wrapping paper) I instantly ran to my basement and played it because I wanted to see how good it was. Honestly I think it's better than Guiter Hero and Rockband because I'm more of the rap beat kind of person. If you guys are you should recommend of getting this amazing rhythm turntablism game.    The graphics on this game is pretty realistic too. The graphics make the characters (disk jockeys) seem a little cartoonish to...

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All I Do is Party Party Party... 0

    Even though I never owned the original DJ Hero, I loved the game a lot playing it at my cousin's house to the point I am pretty good it on hard difficulty five starring mixes left and right. Among the oversaturated Hero lineup two years ago, DJ Hero was the underappreciated one of the bunch since it was different and people were starting to give up on the genre as a whole as it started to become an one hit wonder. However, those who played it appreciated it for what it is and it was actually...

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Dam your songs! 0

Not saying I'm a vivid fan of R&B,Rap, or Pop and Dj hero only made me realize that I knew very little of these songs though I love the beat, the gameplay, not to mention the customizable cross-fading, and scratching. Though what upsets me is the songs are so much better on the game then the songs they come from, and without a "legal" way of obtaining the songs it makes it less likely I'll listen to them and more to the Djhero2 songs, but if you enjoy the first game, this game has more to of...

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