The game is fun but the controller really pisses me off

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I just don't get it why they made it so hard to put the fader in the center position accurately. Then the buttons on the disc... there should just be 3 round pressable tracks around the whole disc instead of those stupid buttons, those just limit your scratching way too much in my opinion.
I would buy the game if some 3rd party controller manufacturer would fix the problems of the original controller, anyone else thinks it should be changed to get more out of the game?

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The crossfader takes some getting used to, I had the same problem at first but now it feels natural. I've had no issues with the buttons or the scratching though. Except that mine is broken and randomly presses buttons without me touching it, but that's a whole other topic.

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Sounds like there a is a good amount of issues with these controllers. :\
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That's nothing new really, there were tons of problems with Guitar Hero and RB stuff when they were released. I think everything is cool as long as you can get the faulty models replaced without any problems.
btw, I don't really have any problems with the buttons I just don't like the limiting factor what they do to the scratching, if they could extend the buttons all around the disc somehow it would be cool.

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That's a shame, I thought this game look a lot more fun than Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

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Apart from the controller suddenly going unresponsive, the only problem I've had was the blue button when the buttons are positioned on the left side. Not a technical issue just not very ergonomic to my hand shape. I find that I need to grip the platter with my thumb while I scratch blue to get enough traction.

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Though I respect your thoughts on the subject matter, I disagree completely.
I have had no trouble with my turntable whatsoever. It just takes some learning and practice to get the right feel for it all. Really, what game doesn't have a bit of a learning curve to it.

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Interestingly enough, real crossfaders on real DJ mixers usually have a "center" position they snap into. I'm not sure why they left that feature out here, maybe because real fader switches cost a few cents more.

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@Colin said:
" Sounds like there a is a good amount of issues with these controllers. :\ "
Do remember that this is a new platform guys, remember the small, shoddy Guiat Hero 1 controller? exactly, they'll learn from feedback what to add into DJ Hero 2
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@RiotBananas: wait does that mean we have to wait till the Xbox 3/ PS4 port of DJ hero 2 until we get a good controller?
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@damswedon: Most likely, I am so into DJ Hero but I'm not buying it purely because the franchise has more to come, I'm wating for a little less Hip hop and more DnB and techno type stuff, I don't like Hip Hop.
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I find the crossfader to be perfectly fine.  You do not have to get it completely in the center to play both tracks.  The three "zones" (Track 1, Track 1 + 2, and Track 2) split the crossfader's range into equal thirds.  The inability to move between the tracks is all the user's fault; getting it right is all a matter of practice, like using a real crossfader (although I am not saying that this game is anything close to using a turntable set-up).
It would be cool if the buttons on the platter were tracks that went around the vinyl, but the current button set-up isn't giving me problems.

@damswedon said:

" @RiotBananas: wait does that mean we have to wait till the Xbox 3/ PS4 port of DJ hero 2 until we get a good controller? "

This is Activision we're talking about.  You will have to wait one year until DJ Hero 2 comes out.
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at first the cross fader was hard to get in the centre and stuff but now i dont have a problem with it.  
You say you would buy it ? so im guessing you have only played it on a demo thingy in a shop ? or at a friends ?  
i started to really get the hang of it as i got close to getting 5 stars on all mixs on medium and now i have started to get 5 stars in the hard mode too . 
Oh i got the renegade edition so im only talking about that turntable controller so maybe the normal one is pants :P
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Maybe they should have made the cross fader something along the lines of Scratch the ultimate dj, where it just tilts. but who knows how that'll work.

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As an aside, that little center notch on sliders and knobs is called a "detante."  French pronunciation.
That's one of two things Iearned while studying Electronics in college. The other was, I shouldn't have done Electronics.
I learned a lot about Poker, though.

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