Is this game ever gonna come out in the States?

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I love DJ Max and I love DJ Max Technika. When I learned that DJ Max Technika Tune was coming out for the Vita, I was so excited.

It missed its release date and even since then, I have not heard anything about it.

Am I missing something? Is it ever gonna come out in the States?

Does anyone have more information about this game's release date?

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Yeah, the LE versions are in the mail. It's apparently a huge (3 gig) download though, I need to replace my dinky 4 gig card.

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@SpaceRunaway: ?? How did you get the Limited Edition??(I'm guessing that's why LE stands for) The only version I could find was the imported one, which was like 140 dollars

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@nohthink: Haha, personally, I didn't. I just had the same thought you did, only a couple days ago, and that's the info I came up with. The LE sets had to be ordered through Pentavision's English site, and there were only like, 750 made. I'm just happy the game is finally coming out.

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Well it's in the store now so go get it

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