DLC Quest - A neat little XBL Indie Game for $1

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Not sure if there is a thread made for this game already, so I decided to make a thread to spread the word. Tried to search "DLC Quest" and got a million different threads abotu DLC.

DLC Quest is a platformer that involves around collecting coins to purchase DLC like "Pausing the Game" and "Moving Animations" to save the Princess from Bad Guy. It's a neat little indie game that pokes fun at the ridiculousness of DLC. If you have 80 MS Points to spare (aka $100), it's worth checking out.

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I'll cosign this. Takes 20-30 minutes to play, and is fun at what it does. There are worse ways to spend a buck.

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This just came out on the Mac App Store, downloaded.

#4 Posted by JaredA (832 posts) -

I just played through this not 3 days ago on my Xbox. Definitely worth your money.

Pro tip: Buy the Sexy Outfits Pack ASAP

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