Are there more weapons than in the demo?

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I am deciding on weather or not to get this tomorrow and this could be a deciding factor. In the demo you had three melee weapons. The basic sword and one for each trigger, I found this a neat way to handle multiple weapons and want to know if there are more later that can be switched out with either of the starting ones.

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Including ranged weapons, there are 8 weapons in the game. For point of reference, there were four in the demo. And here's the best thing; you can use 'em all at once, which makes for some ridiculous combos.

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@Do_The_Manta_Ray said:

Including ranged weapons, there are 8 weapons in the game. For point of reference, there were four in the demo. And here's the best thing; you can use 'em all at once, which makes for some ridiculous combos.

Oh snap! I wonder how that is possibly mapped to the controller. Now I really want to buy the game, that sounds awesome.

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@Do_The_Manta_Ray: You can use all 8 at the same time? 2 for normal, 2 for L2, 2 for R2 and where to the last two go? Also, the demo has keybinds for changing weapons, so this feels like a lie to me.

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Pfft... only 8 weapons? 2/5 stars.

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@TobbRobb: Look me in the eyes and call me a liar again. I DARE YOU! Now, I am going to pretend you asked that in a much nicer fashion and go ahead and answer your question anyway; Square (on the PS3) works for ranged weaponry, which in the full game, there are 3 of, each with their own set of moves and upgrades that ellevate them to full-fledged weapons as opposed to "something you do when you ain't hacking". The d-pad allows you to switch weapon in a category at any time, so right d-pad for devil weapon will change the arbiter to the erynx and vice versa; the interesting thing here, however; is that you can do so mid-combo, creating absolutely crazy combos. It takes a little getting used to, but the switching is so easy and painless that you soon learn to incorporate it into your play.

Now, you might say; these aren't real combos, well, allow me to give you an example: (Wall of Text ahead)

(PS3 controller again), Triangle, Triangle, pause - combo with Rebellion into a finishing strike with the arbiter by holding R2 and then Triangle which will create a shock-wave based aoe attack that pushes enemies downwards, and THEN switch to the erynx and press Circle for a charged up uppercut that sends enemies skyhigh. X and Square combined at this point, if say, you're using ebony and ivory will have you do a rotating spin that'll keep all the enemies juggled, it's easy at this point to switch over to your angel weapon, say the osiris and use the Circle, Circle (HOLD) command to keep them afloat by wildly spinning the blades and impaling them over and over again before switching to the other angel weapon (aquila) by left d-pad and holding Triangle to spin your character like a top and maneuvering the spin to keep 'em bouncing; and then to head over to the arbiter again for a Circle attack to send a shockwave that ripples through the floor parellel to all the enemies you've set up in line, as the spin move allows you to kinda' position the enemies around; at this point, go ahead and grapple up to a fucker and use the air-born Triangle, Triangle, pause, triangle, triangle with the rebellion again which sends them even further into the air; and then switch over to the "Kablooey" (Only the BFG is a more fitting name for a weapon) and fire off 3 shots, Circle to crash the enemies into the ground with the rebellion, but prevent the combo from finishing by pressing X+Square to detonate the mines of the kablooey and have them bounce off the floor again. Here, you could switch back to osiris and hold triangle for the ridiculous aoe uppercut and juggle 'em some more with another Triangle, Triangle pause Triangle, Triangle combo, throwing in some aerial Circles before switching over to the aquila and propelling them through the air with it's forward-forward triangle...

Seriously, I could go on. It's fucking SILLY.

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@Do_The_Manta_Ray: Haha, I didn't mean to offend you. Sorry. But yeah, I get what you mean. This alleviates my only real worry about the game. CANT WAIT!

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