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When the slug boss was dropping all those F bombs in the cutscene did it remind anyone of the bird boss during Shadows of the Damned? While it was kind of funny and cute in Shadows it was a little more off putting in DMC. I think its cause Shadows has some charm, its a little more self aware in the story and doesn't take itself as seriously as DMC.

I dunno to what to make of it. Also during the sequence where the cities compacting around you I kept wanting the game to say "The dream is collapsing"

It's weird to seeing as how Enslaved had such great characters that developed really well.

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@maskedarcstrike: I have played the demo quite a bit, as I am trying to get down the combat mechanics.

I like it, it has a lot of charm that I feel the other games lacked entirely, regardless of what others might say.

I do enjoy the vibe it's giving off.

And Shadows of the Damned is an amazing game.

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I liked DMC. I loved how the bosses dropped f-bombs and felt like living entities, not absurd '' i am evil ', bosses. As for Shadow of the Damned, it was a fun game, yeah, but the lack of NG+ killed the replay value and the game as for me as a whole, since it returned to Gamestop within the same week.

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Oddly enough, I'm on the complete opposite spectrum from cannonballBAM. I didn't like it. It felt unbelievably forced and generally unnecessary, as if they couldn't think of a clever/just plain BETTER way for Dante and the boss to interact with each other. I mean, the previous games had their share of cheese, but (especially in 3) there was a certain charm to most of the bosses. In the demo something felt off from just about everything. I can see it being a decent action game, but after my first playthrough of the demo, I cannot fathom why this wasn't just an original IP. After my second, I couldn't find anything I really connected as "Devil May Cry" aside from the names of characters, even the combat... Which I'm not even going to get into, since it's basically a different series in regards to that.

In the end, personally, I just can't get into it when thinking "I'm playing a Devil May Cry game." If I can put that thought aside though, I do have a relatively good time. I'll probably pick the game up after a big price drop.

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I dont really know if you could get enough out of a demo to be able to compare it to a full game like that. Mechanics are one thing, but the feel of the characters and the story is an entirely different thing.

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