Choice of skin for PC users

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Okei, this might not deserve a thread, but here goes.

For those who pre-ordered the PC version got the first skin costume pack for free.

Out of all the choices, which did you pick? I picked the default one, I might change to something else when I play on the higher difficulties.

The choices are:

Classic Dante

Neo Dante

Dark Dante

Standard (default)

Obviously I am a forum idiot, I cannot find the create a poll button..

Edit: Seems my ignorant ways have caught up on me, again. I would love to hear your choice, console or PC version :)

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Well on the PS3 it let me choose the outfit before each mission. I tried them all. The default is definitely the best looking one. Neo Dante I thought was the worst. I unlocked one for beating the game (it's kind of spoilerish tho)... it's okay. I looked up to see what the Son of Sparda skin is and it's really disappointing.

I could of sworn I saw a Vergil skin leading up the game. Or did I just make that up?

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I really like the Neo Dante skin to be honest.

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Standard. The more I play, the more I dislike his older look. I don't mind when his hair turns white, but only when he keeps that short, euro fauxhawk.

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I've been going back and forth between standard and Classic Dante. Don't care much for Dark or Neo.

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I always thought the white hair thing was stupid. Although it's fine while he's all Super-Saiyan.

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Standard, since it's my first playthrough and it just feels natural. I did try the Neo Dante skin for one level and it looked pretty cool, definitely a quality skin.

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I went with default because of the disconnect between gameplay and cutscenes otherwise. Also, they all look pretty terrible. Including classic.

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Not enough images in this thread!

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@Galiant: The question is what you played with, not what you would play with.

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Default, I tried classic for a level and changed. I don't have any attachment to the old Dante so I don't really care.

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None of the above. Im enjoying the Son of Sparda costume. You get for beating SoS mode. Although I will be buying the costume pack. Id also really suggest that you play with default your first time through for story purposes.

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Im using Standard Dante cause I'm a terrible person with no taste

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How does one have almost 2,000 posts and not know how to create a poll?

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@TobbRobb said:

@Galiant: The question is what you played with, not what you would play with.

Just thought the thread would be more interesting with pictures for those of us who haven't seen the skins =(

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I'm playing default my first time through just so I don't get the jarring costume change from in-engine moments to cut-scenes. After that, I'll probably use classic Dante the most.

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