Cost of items in shop rising?

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So I finished the game two times now and in the process I upgraded both the health and devil trigger to the max. Now I started to spend the orbs on the other items, like healh stars or gold orbs. I noticed the price of each item goes up every time I buy one, at first I assumed the game makes it more expensive the more of that item you have in inventory, making it pricier to carry too many at one time. But now I used some up and the price stays. Is the price just gonna go up all the time? That would suck, because in that case it would be wise not to use anything until the super hard difficulties. Or is there a price cieling or something?

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In past DMC's, the prices go also go up, but there is a limit to their inflation. IIRC, in DMC3, Large Green Vital Stars cost 10k red souls at the maximum. So yes, there's a price ceiling.

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There's probably a price ceiling. There was in the previous DMC's.  
And yeah, using items is/was bad for your score anyway so you shouldn't.

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Yea they do that to try and cap you a bit on just being able to over purchase health items. It makes you plan more for the whole game. Do I really want to use a health item here on level 1 so they cost more on level 10. Making it all that much harder later in the game?

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Yeah I noticed that too because you kind of need items on Son of Sparda difficulty just to get through some levels

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We won't have this problem once we get back to the GOLD STANDARD... of-- orb.. blood-heads.

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Never buy items, never admit defeat.

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Never buy items, max out health & DT = No need for items.

If on high difficulties you're stuck use Gold Orbs they're superior to Vitality Stars.

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Thanks for the comments, I guess it makes sense beacause once I maxed the health and DT, I could affor to buy all the health I would ever need... this actually makes it meaningfully more challenging. I just wish the game communicated this to me at the start of the game. Also, if you go for the high score, it is better to use health before you die, rather than using gold orb, which reduces the score much more significantly... I need to take a break from the game now, finished it on SoS and unlocked the higher difficulties. And the HoH difficulty is a joke, unless you actually try and go for the highscores, you can do it easily in one sitting, blasting everything with guns. I just put on a bombcast and did it this afternoon.

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@dropabombonit said:

Yeah I noticed that too because you kind of need items on Son of Sparda difficulty just to get through some levels

In the previous games, the use of any items at all tanked your rating completely. I have no idea why they're so forgiving in this iteration.

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No items ever dude. You'll thank me when you start to play on the harder difficulties if DmC is like the older DMC games. The way I see it if my enemy can't use recovery items then neither should I.

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