Devil May Cry 5

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#51 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@Toxin45 said:

@kingzetta: Oh yeah?

Yeah the medal of honor reboot is not a remake of any medal of honor game. The SSX reboot is not a remake of any SSX game. The X-com reboot is not a remake of any X-com game. The Syndicate reboot is not a remake of any Syndicate game. Do I have to go on or do you finally get it.
#52 Posted by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@kingzetta: Yeah and I already know that before you asked me

#53 Posted by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy: Right,and your the annoying user

#54 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@Toxin45 said:

@kingzetta: Yeah and I already know that before you asked me

Then that makes your comment 20 minutes ago really stupid.
#55 Posted by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@kingzetta: Your stupid

#56 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4013 posts) -
@Toxin45: Look it's too late to talk your way out of it. I've already reported you to the Internet Police. I'm sorry but it was my civic duty as an internet citizen.
#57 Posted by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy: Internet people? Really?

#58 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@Toxin45 said:

@kingzetta: Your stupid

*slow clap*
#59 Posted by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@kingzetta: You have a stupid hair and you use Phoenix

#60 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4013 posts) -
@Toxin45: Police. Don't try to play the mentally deficient card to try to get out of the death threat charges. It's too late. One can't threaten the lives of a group of people just because you miss old Dante. Don't worry I'm sure you'll be provided an attorney.
#61 Edited by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy: Funny, I already talked to one of the mods they don't seem to care

#62 Posted by august (3924 posts) -

This thread is really improving my opinion of Devil May Cry fans.

#63 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4013 posts) -
@Toxin45: Internet Police authority supersedes Forum Mod authority unless specific provisions are made to the websites Internet Charter. Unless something has changed from the last time I read over Whiskey's Internet Charter (or I.C.) Internet Police can countermand a Forum Mod ruling. This is assumed to be understood when you sign up for a membership.
#64 Posted by IBurningStar (2207 posts) -

I just read this whole thread and at one point I planned on chiming in with a somewhat relevant and constructive post.  However, by the time I got to the end my brain had absorbed so much concentrated stupid that I couldn't come up with anything to say besides yo, this thread is really fucking stupid. Really fucking stupid and full of really fucking stupid comments by one dude.

#65 Posted by Toxin45 (145 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy: Funny thing, I am not a mod and stop kidding around

#66 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@Toxin45 said:

@kingzetta: You have a stupid hair and you use Phoenix

I have no idea what you just said
#67 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4013 posts) -
@Toxin45: No I know you're not. Regardless of that fact you fall under Internet Law and therefor are subject to all charges and penalties for making unwarranted death threats.
And I'm not kidding. I'm very serious.
#68 Posted by ZombiePie (6294 posts) -

This thread has become one giant bicker fest. Such behavior is not tolerated in any circumstances and this thread is being locked as a result.


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