Difficulty - is this game for me?

#1 Posted by aznan (123 posts) -

I love games, but I'm not in it for the challenge. I'm a content tourist. Which is just as good, because I'm simply terrible at hitting the right buttons in a timely manner. Anyway, hearing about the crazy stuff that happens in DmC makes me really want to play it, but I'm scared off by the nineteen different levels of hard difficulty and only one level of easy.

I like these kinds of games -- for instance, I love Bayonetta, but I don't think my experience with that game would have been nearly as good if not for the Very Easy Automatic Mode that let me dish out awesome combos by simply button mashing. Last year I picked up Mortal Kombat after hearing how the story stuff was well done. I chose the easy setting, but after trying and failing for an hour to get through even the tutorial I had to give up and just watch the thing on YouTube.

I did play the DmC demo. Handling a single type of guys wasn't too much of a problem, but when they started throwing in different colored monsters that you had to use a specific weapon for and when you had to use different buttons depending on what kind of grappling point you were trying to latch on to, then my brain started to melt a little. The demo only lets you play on normal, though, so I still have a little bit of hope.

How easy is the easy difficulty setting? Do you think it's even worth it for me to pick this up?

#2 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

I have no idea. I doubt the game would be very hard on easy. There is a lot of spectacle to be had, so I bet you would like it.

#3 Posted by RubberFactory (306 posts) -

You can probably get through this on easy. You might not get the best rankings but you can survive by pretty much hitting Y with the occasional pull of the left and right trigger. My brain had trouble remembering witch trigger activated which type of grapple but it's only really necessary when platforming. It's a pretty awesome game, I highly recommend it.

#4 Posted by Demoskinos (16319 posts) -

On "Human" or easy difficulty it should be a decent cake walk for you. You might have to retry a few fights here and there but I've only really started to think the game was getting hard on SoS mode you should be fine I'd think.

#5 Posted by Wraxend (603 posts) -

@aznan: Stick to human difficulty and you'll be fine, they've also got a good checkpoint system aswell.

#6 Posted by aznan (123 posts) -

Okay, I guess I'll give it a go. Thanks!

#7 Posted by Crysack (449 posts) -

The game is extremely easy compared to the previous DMC games at the very least.

#8 Posted by Quarters (2107 posts) -

I'm like you, where I don't really care about challenge, so I played on Easy. It's totally fine. I barely died, and I'm certainly not the best player in the world. Plus, the game introduces stuff to you gradually enough that you should be able to get the hang of it. I actually don't know if I even used healing items throughout, so you even have access to stuff like that.

#9 Posted by Tsoglani (595 posts) -

It's very easy on the easiest difficulty and pretty easy even on normal. You should have no trouble whatsoever with this on those difficulty levels.

#10 Posted by cheddartyme (146 posts) -

I'm not great at video games and I thought the game was a cake walk. I would play it at the normal difficulty and not the easiest one.

#11 Posted by Ethan_Raiden (366 posts) -

It's mad easy bro, the subtitle for it aswell "is for players that just want to experience the story"

#12 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1834 posts) -

As someone who admittedly sucks at games (but loves them) I had only one rough spot on easy (a boss) but once I figured out what I had to do to kill him it was fine.

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