DmC combat analysis

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Looking through this forum, it seems like people mostly really liked the DmC demo- which is good cos I also really liked it!
Here's a design analysis by Ben Ruiz, game design professional and combat maniac currently working on indipendant beat-them-up Aztez.
If you're really interested in beat-em-ups and combat games, I definately suggest reading other posts on his blog. I read the Bayonetta breakdown before this and can really reccomend it as a cool write-up.
The text is a little bit technical, so if you want something that's just playing-by-ear then check out my review instead, which hits a lot of the exact same points.
It's nice to see that majority vote on this game has narrowed to somewhere between Good and Possibly Awesome, and also it's nice to be playing this sweet game instead of a bad one!
EDIT- Oh by the way I'm Tom in the comments.

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I always loved the DMC series,this game is going down in my must buy list since I played the demo!


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