DMC: combat practicing mode

#1 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -
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Anyone else getting pumped up? Especially with this much detail going into perfecting combat and controls.

#2 Posted by punkxblaze (3013 posts) -

This significantly assuages any of my fears that this will not feel like a devil may cry game.

#3 Posted by TwilitEnd656 (610 posts) -

It looks like it'll make a nice action game, as expected, but looking at full combo gameplay the differences show. Not a bad thing, just notable differences. The biggest to me is the amount of attacks that have a huge arc around you; unless most of the enemies can take a hit or two before being stunned, it seems like it'll be WAY too easy just to go balls out melee and not get hit (unless there are a lot of pokes/projectiles). Still, looks fun. Better different than having it just being a bad game.

#4 Posted by altairre (1423 posts) -

Looks really promising.

#5 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4539 posts) -


I don't know if it's the music or the graphics or what but this does not excite me at all. It looks super competent but yeah, just not feeling it. I really loved DMC1, and 3 was pretty great too. Mostly I feel the series has lacked interesting environments since the first one. Remember that long grass area where you fought those lizard knights or whatever they were? Before the giant bird? (Am I crazy?)

Pretty sweet.

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God, fugly Dante or not, I need this game in my pants. Real fast. It needs to cover the lack of Bayonetta 2 in my collection. :P

#7 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

I think the combat looks great for being 30FPS on consoles.

The cancels and resets look to expand the usual combos.

#8 Posted by LiquidPrince (16516 posts) -

Looks really cool. Can't wait. But man short hair Dante still looks like ass. But whatever, the game still looks like it's going to be incredibly fun.

#9 Posted by Yummylee (23498 posts) -

Looks bloody goddamn slick! I especially like how he can pull in foes with that scythe of his, kinda combining the fighting styles of both Dante and Nero. I've been rooting for this game since the beginning anywhoo; loved the new style they went for in the debut trailer, along with Dante's new look, and the only worry on my mind was whether they could deliver on the same superb combat. Fortunately, judging by that video and previews and the like, the combat looks to be just about as fun with plenty of depth to dig underneath into. Though given that the combat was apparently a sort of joint-project between NT and CAPCOM themselves, it's no surprise that the combat is looking about as good as it does.

You mix that in with what will naturally be a much more engaging story, and this is all looking to potentially rank as one of my favourite DMC's.

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Well... I came.

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