DmC vs God of War

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I haven't played either of these games besides demos, and I was wondering which one is better gameplay and story wise.

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Without having played ascension, I'm confident in saying DmC is the better game.

#3 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

DmC is the better choice.

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You mean only the recent DmC or franchise vs franchise? Either way DmC/DMC plays better than God Of War in basically every way, imo. But If you are into mythology and monster design, then definitely GoW.

If going deep into the combo systems isnt a big deal to you, then I think it really comes down to choosing between flashy swordplay and ridiculous shit in DmC or over the top brutality in GoW.

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I liked the gameplay of DmC pretty much, but its greatest strengths lie in the overall presentation and level design. The story is pretty charming too.

Never liked God of War, so I won't play Ascension. They might have deeper combat, but everything about those games from the ugly character designs to the unlikable protagonist and tasteless violence just feels so off-putting to me.

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