E3 2011: Devil May Cry Trailer

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looks... fine. I am not really impressed though.

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Taking a character whose look and style is literally THE ENTIRETY OF THAT CHARACTER'S ICONOGRAPHY and changing it so drastically is completely baffling.  You can change Cole McGrath's look because that character is entirely lightning powers, you can give Isaac Clarke a voice because that character is entirely stomping and cutting off limbs... Dante IS a red coat with white hair.  If you're going to change that, you might as well make him grimdark serious and use a chain whip instead.

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@Zomba13 said:

Fuck this game and the movie they are basing on it.


I want good old Dante back and the movie to have good old cocky, fun loving Dante.


As several before have already noted the new design for Dante looks bad. 
Perhaps it's the haircut? But still, waiting to see how the finished product will look like.
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the cake is a lie. 
This looks like dmc...minus white hair and one-liners + dante gets his own grab move.  No sale so far, we'll see

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I like his swagger.

DLC: paper bag to put on his head for those bitching.

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Damn it. I was really hoping this game would get cancelled. It just looks wrong. Graphics are pretty crappy, environments looks sparse. And really this guy isn't Dante, the Dante we've seen. Capcom has already made this mistake with DMC2, they changed Dante and made a shitty game, and it was hated.

Dante and his personality are half of the DMC games. Paired with the incredibly tight, action fighting make a winning game. This trailer, even if in progress, doesn't light that same spark.

I'm actually more disappointed at Capcom, but after liking Enslaved, i'm also disappointed in Ninja Theory. This, so far looks like a step back from Enslaved.

And finally, fuck the union jack patch on his jacket. Seriously

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The first game is the only one I liked.  I know a lot of people still like this series, but honestly this is a franchise I'd like to see go away altogether, regardless of his haircut.
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@Brodehouse said:

Taking a character whose look and style is literally THE ENTIRETY OF THAT CHARACTER'S ICONOGRAPHY and changing it so drastically is completely baffling. You can change Cole McGrath's look because that character is entirely lightning powers, you can give Isaac Clarke a voice because that character is entirely stomping and cutting off limbs... Dante IS a red coat with white hair. If you're going to change that, you might as well make him grimdark serious and use a chain whip instead.

This is a fair point.

I for one don't mind the new Dante (He looks like a filthy, scrappy punk kid who just bareknuckoled his way out of some hellish juvie hall or reform school), but since they decided to stray so far from the source material, why bother trying to cash in on the DMC franchise at all?

The fan base that's already there either seem to vehemently dislike it or they don't care as long as the gameplay is there so wouldn't it behoove them to try kickstarting a new IP?

Ideally I would like to see more of the original Dante cause Gawd knows DMC4 didn't scratch that itch by having Nero fill up half the game screaming about Kyrie. Though we DID get Bayonetta to sate us since then.

I'm just hoping Ninja Theory can live up to the promise they've shown so far in Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

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Looks really ugly.

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Hey you wanna know who makes crazy Japanese action games exceptionally well, Capcom Japan. Check'em out.

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Damn what a shitty hair cut. They could have just left it the same length, he looks slightly retarded now lol. The game also looks like every other DMC.

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Biggest issue is calling it DMC. I think more people would like it more if it was a new character or franchise or whatever. I'm indifferent either way. 
And before anybody calls me out, I'm sure somebody has already said as much, but I've read my weekly fill of internet comments over the past two days.

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Putting aside my distaste for the redesigned Dante, that trailer looks awful, from both a graphical and gameplay standpoint. The action seems choppy while not really adding anything new to the combat at all; how exactly could Ninja Theory have screwed things up this badly? This could be a franchise-killer right here. Hopefully Capcom of Japan takes this one back in-house next time... or, even better, just kills this release entirely and starts over.

#65 Posted by Jethuty (1052 posts) -

That was interesting. You could certainly see that it ran on a totally different engine, ie. it looked kinda slugish. The new design of Dante didnt translate well and the combat overall did look kinda slow and disjointed compared to the other DMC games. Kind of a step back in terms of style and refinement but i guess they are dumbing it down. I really liked the touch with what seemed like the devil trigger mechanic where his coat turned all red and his hair did turn back to its original color. That might explain the sudden and weird design change he had with the black hair, I.e its an illusion and its not really the "true" dimension he is in, kinda what they alluded to in the trailer.

Hopefully we will see more (the guns sound like shit tho.)

also, could people stop talking about Dantes original white hair like he was some kind of anime faggot and its a huge deal that his hair is black now? Kinda weird people who were disintrested in the series to begin with pick on that like its a huge improvement. To fans it matters because its a huge change in character. It would be the exact same thing if his hair was black or brown to begin with, and they just changed it to white, wouldnt make any sense, thats why they were/are complaining about it. If you didnt have any interest in the series to begin with, was it really because of his hair or his outfit? if it was, then you're an idiot. Just saying.

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The only thing I don't understand is that since they're basically doing a "reboot" of the series,  why they would change the look of the main character.  They should have taken some notes from the new Tomb Raider, where they've redesigned the character while still keeping the look that people know and love.  The emo looking dude with the mohawk doesn't resonate with the fans of the series.  And to make matters worse, it looks like you turn into classic dante during Devil Trigger.  So the majority of the game you're playing as a dude you don't like and for 15-20 seconds every once in a while, you get the classic Dante that you should just be playing as all the time.   I know it's to early to assume most of that, but from what they're showing here, that's really all there is to it.

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I don't care what the characters hair looks like, I just hope that the gameplay is good. I'll pay more attention to this game when a playable build of it comes out and people start writing about how it plays.

#68 Posted by kerse (2193 posts) -

@Lightdud said:

The new Dante looks like...a punk. And not in a good way.

Exactly what I was thinking. Its gonna take some getting used to that look but I'm still interested in what Ninja Theory does with it.

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I've watched this trailer a couple of times and tried my best to look at the brief instances of combat. All I can say is that I can definitely see Ninja Theory's mark on the combat. It seems a bit... I don't know. It's slower? Or just not as tight in transitions? It comes across as more sluggish and messy if that even makes sense.

Even if you think the DMC games were ridiculous, at least its combat system was really tight. Also, with Bayonetta setting the bar for this kind of game, I don't see how producing anything that seems to be a step down from DMC4 (combat wise) is acceptable.

Oh and while I think old Dante looks ridiculous, the Dante character is an established one and we all know what he is supposed to look like. This new, edgy Dante just looks dumb as fuck.

#70 Posted by Lazyaza (2298 posts) -

Feel sorry for Ninja Theory, even when this game releases they'll get no end of bitching and moaning from the hardcore fans.  I really liked Heavenly Sword and Enslaved was one of 2010s best games so I have faith they can make a fun character action title regardless of how I feel about the look of the protagonist.
I hated Bayonetta's design but god damn did I play the fuck out of that game.

#71 Posted by Spiffo (15 posts) -

So I guess this game takes place before his mother dies, she's clearly still cutting his hair.

#72 Posted by Tesla (2005 posts) -

I rather enjoyed that trailer. Looks different, and fun. DMC definitely needed a new direction, what with 1 and 3 being the only worthwhile games in the series.

#73 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11967 posts) -

I still don't like what they've done with Dante and the overall style of the game. Which is a shame, because that looks kinda fun. 

#74 Posted by Seeric (201 posts) -

I have to agree with what seems to be the general consensus in that this game just looks disappointing. The atmosphere they seem to be going for from the music and the general look seems to be very different from that of a typical DMC game so why they went through the trouble of 'rebotting' the franchise instead of just making it either a spinoff in the same universe or separate entirely is beyond me (especially if they seem to be making Dante into more or less a new character anyway); different isn't necessarily bad but in this case something about it just seems unappealing.
As to the hair thing, I have to agree with Jethuty in that it is very strange for them to change Dante's hair color (assuming white isn't the primary color still after all and the trailer is just something of a troll) just because white hair and red clothes are pretty much the character's signature colors and changing that is something very rare in games (ex: Luigi's green, Mega Man in all his iterations is blue, and even Zero, who has pretty much a complete character redesign in the Mega Man Zero franchise, still has his signature color of red+yellow hair). Plus, his new hairstyle just looks kinda stupid...

#75 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1516 posts) -
@kerse said:

@Lightdud said:

The new Dante looks like...a punk. And not in a good way.

Exactly what I was thinking. Its gonna take some getting used to that look but I'm still interested in what Ninja Theory does with it.

Agreed, although i do miss the old dante
#76 Posted by JackSukeru (6099 posts) -

Watched it a couple of times and have decided that I like it. The dirty street environments reminded me of DMC 3 and it seems to have a bit of terrain animation/deformation which could be a plus considering the extremely static environments in the previous installments. The white hair + red coat super duper saiyan mode looked pretty dope as well.

As for the combat itself it looked flashy and DMC styled, but still kinda hard to judge at this point.

The story hasn't been more than hinted at yet so the jury is still out on that one, also not seeing a lot of Dante moving around, hoping there's some light platforming thrown in there.

One thing, the guns just really look and sound like shit, they need to fix that.

#77 Posted by Kreeztoff (191 posts) -

It doesn't look like the gameplay itself is much if at all different from previous entries in the series... which causes me to wonder what exactly the purpose of redesigning Dante is. If nothing but the look is different, then what's the point of even changing it at all? Nobody but those who have always liked Devil May Cry are going to enjoy playing the game, but even they are bound to be at least a little put off by this massive deviation in design from who they know as Dante.

I'm sure it will be a fine game, but what's the purpose?

#78 Posted by Brodehouse (10507 posts) -
@liquidfkinfire: I was actually pumped to hear that Ninja Theory would handle the development, because I've always felt the DMC series to not handle as well as it looks, because they could combine a legendary character with their take on character action... but if you weren't told this was Devil May Cry, you'd say it was some kind of Devil May Cry ripoff.
#79 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

I really hope this is a very early build. The graphics look like shit and the combat looks like it has too much weight to it. 

#80 Posted by Koolaids_Back (107 posts) -

Music was pretty catchy, I must say.

#81 Posted by DrJota (722 posts) -

If they up the batshit crazy quotient a few levels,this could be a pretty respectable reboot.

#82 Posted by Dan_CiTi (3903 posts) -

Instead of making it like DMC3 or Bayonetta, they make it like this. Oh well. 

#83 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

do not want

#84 Posted by Apollo87 (149 posts) -

Not completely sold on the look but the gameplay is looking promising, so far I´ve seen that Ninja Theory can make decent battle mechanics which is certainly conforting.

#85 Posted by John1912 (2106 posts) -

why does the game look like complete shit?  Looks like it should be on the wii

#86 Posted by Nexas (644 posts) -

I don't really understand all the hate about the design. I mean its not like DMC is some sort of sacred franchise. Its a series with 4 games in it, and 2 of them were shit.

#87 Edited by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

Glitch mob are awesome.

(They did the song for those wondering. I can dig the song up in a youtube link if anyone wants it.)

#88 Posted by shamanultra (64 posts) -

If you like this then you don't know what your talking about. Design choices aside the combat looks to be incredibly slow and sluggish which is the exact opposite of what previous DMC games were and what it's fans actually want.

#89 Posted by DazzHardy (918 posts) -

Ya know, this could of been interesting if they hadn't felt the need to slap the Devil May Cry name on it. as it stands all its doing is not looking as stylish or as sort of gothy as the DMC games I love. I also hate the look of "Dante", he clearly looks like he's trying to hard to be a hipster, and I just cannot stand that look on anyone, ever, let alone a reimagining of a character I quite liked.

#90 Posted by Silver-Streak (1519 posts) -

The gameplay looks like DMC, which is good. I hope this is an early build, though. The particle effects and lighting looks really rough, and the textures seem to be mismatched, some are really muddy.

Also, this would be a perfectly good character action game without the DMC name, or even if they have to use the DMC name, make this someone other than Dante. He looks even worse in this then he did in the original trailer.

#91 Posted by Olivaw (1223 posts) -

Well, his hair turns white when he goes all demon speed, so I guess they care a little bit about that.
But far as I can see, this plays like a DMC game. Like one of those crazy fast technically complex Japanese combo action games.

#92 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2454 posts) -

I still like the architecture, although because this is showing off the look Dante became kinda generic.

#93 Posted by advocatefish (375 posts) -

Couldn't get passed the fohawk.

#94 Posted by Kinggi (294 posts) -

Everything about that trailer looked wonderful except for the horrid lead character design. Change that shit.

#95 Edited by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Here's an idea:  let's take a popular franchise with distinctive characters and smear it with garbage.  People like things that are coated in a thick patina of shit.  That's what the young generation is looking for.  It's what they want. 
Note that I'm not even a fan of this series.  This game's art style offends me just in general. 

#96 Posted by IzunaDrop (183 posts) -

I am excited by this.
Who cares if he goes all anime white hair? Especially if they fit it into the story with some semblance of tact.
Ultimately, this game will live or die on its combat mechanics and its difficulty curve. Bayonetta has shown that no matter what artistic choices you make, as long as the brawling is sublime and the difficulty ramps up correctly (ie not a Dante's Inferno) then you will have an audience. And a sweet looking axe is always good for killing demons.

They are trying to make a DMC that is distinctively their own without breaking the mold. If the creepiness of DMC1 returns (ie. Those insane black wolves, anyone? Remember fighting 3 of them at once?) then I will be on board with Ninja Theory.

#97 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

I dig it. Love me some musicvideo style trailers with flashy realtime visuals.

#98 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2519 posts) -

I know it's still early days but I'm so stunned by howtame all the action looks in comparison to all the other DMC games (maybe excluding 2). 
Also, the whole "Their world is a lie" thing seems a little too reminiscent of the end of Enslaved, Ninja Theory's last game.

#99 Posted by uberscooby (38 posts) -

Not digging the hair cut, could careless what color his hair is. I like the combat and song used, just hope the story is good.

#100 Posted by Goopynose (66 posts) -

Yo, cool hair, bro.

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